View Full Version : How do you ask a woman to go back to her place for the first time?

02-15-2009, 01:52 PM
I live in an outer borrow- and I date women that live in Manhattan.
Said woman will not travel to an outer borrow, so if I want sex that night I have to get back to their place- how would you guys set this up?

In the past (pre game) I would just ask if I could come over- now since I have been introduced to the community- I feel that this is a question that should not be asked- it isn’t smooth- asking a girl if you can come over after a date is tantamount to asking her for sex.

If she says yes- she absolutely knows you will try to have sex with her- so how do I phrase this.

I have thought of some lines.
1- I would like to see your apartment
2- Do you have some wine- lets go for a glass at your place.
3- I would like to meet you cat /dog / hamster

I would like some suggestions or ideas to add to this list.

Just to clarify:
I know you are supposed to get the girl back to your place- but I can’t play the game that way.

In an ideal world I would live in Manhattan and this wouldn’t be an issue- I don’t live in the city- so if I am out on a date in the city with a girl that lives in the city- there is zero chance they will cab it out to an outer borough to come to my place. I need to get back to her place in order to get it on.

But here is the important part- just like you don’t tell a girl- hey lets go back to my place for sex- many methods say that you just tell the chick you are going to another venue for a nightcap- just don’t tell her that the other venue happens to be your bedroom.

What’s the setup to get back to her place without it triggering her ASD or sex radar warnings?

02-15-2009, 03:42 PM
This is basically a cut and paste from one of my older posts, it may help you a little:

[I lived in a corporate house that we were unable to bring women back to, some strange rule they had but whatever, it didn’t stop us]

My roommate (and wing) would always just go back to the girls place. It was a bit awkward at first, not having home field advantage but after a few times it turned out to be money. By going back to their place they don't know where you live, more importantly won't remember where you live (which is good for the reason that some HB's can be psycho). They are also extremely comfortable back at their place, just escalate as normal. If you didn’t bring condoms, say you have to stop off at the convenient store for a red bull, and purchase what you need.

Basically we just framed the set to go back to their place. Once comfort was established, we had several lines. The best line we came up with, which was field tested many times (highly successful), "So, is the after party at your place?" If they say yes, you’re in. If they say maybe or no, you just have to escalate more. They never asked “Why isn’t it at your place?”

The key is to be 100% confident. Rarely did girls think twice about us doing so. I've been in similar situations prior and I've come accustomed to going back to the girls place. If you’re looking for a SNL or you really should try to escalate as early as possible.

If you dating these girls you could try to meet them at their place for a drink and “leave something at her apt” so you have to pick it up later in the night.

02-15-2009, 05:54 PM
I dig that after party line. Smooth.