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02-14-2009, 02:28 PM
Hey guys,

major sticking point.

I used to go sarging with a friend and we were opening sets with situational openers all the time, I somehow had confidence to do it then.
It wasn't that good because it worked only if we thought of something to say (most of the time we didn't so we just didn't do anything)
BUT, it worked some of the time and I was getting laid occasionally, but most important I was learning and getting better!

Now that I don't have the option to sarge with him anymore I can't open sets! so there is no "game" at all...
I also want to learn opening sets alone without a wing.

Now I'm going out with friends that aren't into pickup and it is as if I've never opened a set before!
I am terrified when I only think of opening.

Situational openers :
I have to think of something smart to say so I can't use the 3 seconds rule
and when I think of something I start to analyze it, get scared and do nothing eventually.

Opinion openers :
I always feel that I'll get caught because everyone saw "The pickup artist" or read "The Game" and know what I'm doing.

all other openers :
much harder than these two

exactly the same applies to warm up sets...

Any ideas what should I do ?
Do you use opinion openers and girls respond despite all the awareness to pickup ?
Somebody here goes out without "pickup" friends and opens sets alone ?


02-14-2009, 02:36 PM
Man if you go out, and assuming you're hanging out with guys that don't bring you down, and you open some girls and talk to them for a while, your friends are going to be in awe of you. They are going to be like "holy shit, how did you do that man?" If your friends do give you a hard time about it, then you need new friends.

I agree with you that it takes a while to think of situational openers, so I don't use them. I personally hate opinion openers just because, to me, it seems like too much bullshit. I think you should try direct openers. Think about it, you only need one or two, they are easy to memorize. It takes out all of the bullshit, it's geniune, and fun too.

The downside is that direct openers are quite possibly the hardest thing you will ever do. However, once you do it once, it becomes a lot easier the next time. You should seriously think about it.