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02-10-2009, 03:06 PM
Ok, so I went out sarging with my friend, he's a legitimate PUA.
Here was where my problem was in A2, and then A3.

I was so worried about what exactly attraction was that I was forgetting that during A2, it was just being interesting, afraid of being a AFC,I would end up being a AFC, I would do interesting thing after interesting thing after interesting thing, and not letting the girl talk, or not sticking with the conversational thread and letting attraction build.

Hence she'd get frustrated at a unconscious or conscious level, and say fuck it and move on. and I'd be awkward, I found out I also talk really fast and was too worried about being blown out.

So what I've been doing was I have let her talk more, and test for IOIs, when doing it before moving into A3. I work in some sort of DHV into our chat, and build rapport wit her gradually moving towards more and more personal stuff.

I'm finding that when she tells me two or three interesting things that are legitimately unique then I can go into A3,

What my friend told me, was that you must realize that women are emotional beings, so ask yourself in the subtext of whatever she is saying is "What emotion is she eliciting?" is she being nice (ie I want to be a vet) in response to what do you do for a living?

or is she telling something about herself:

Me: What do you want to do when you are finished school?
Her: I want to be a vet?
Me: What made you want to do that? What draws you to that?
Her: Well I saved my friends puppy one time, she meant a lot to me and I had to do something, I was so satisfied about saving something's life.

Subtext: She cares about her friend and animals and likes helping people, subsequently that's the emotion she is trying to elicit. Guage based on her body language and the personality of the person you can gague what is happening.

Anyway read the below post found on the best of part of the Forum in A3, he nails it perfectly.


Hope This helps with your guys sticking points.

The Musterion