View Full Version : Unsure where to continue the method from with quick number closes

Effortless Sheek
02-07-2009, 06:52 AM
I have been sort of stuck with these quick number closes as there are a few factors which have made it more of a challenge and have left me unsure where to continue from.

I will often get quick numbers due to time contstraints. I'll just be beginning A2 and the girl will be giggly and she's beginning to think I'm fun. An interrupt comes to take her away or logistics otherwise do not permit me to continue so I go for the quick number.

The next day if it's really quick they won't even remember who I was (less than 2 minutes). They will however still text back and be slightly intrigued but my margin for error is slim. The trouble I have is that you can't run any really elabourate A2 stories for instance over text, and so too, as you didn't make much of an impression she isn't likely to pick up the phone.

Usuaully I'll reinitiate a more solid number with callback from the initial interaction however, in these cases, it was so short there isn't much to work with.

Where should I continue from in these cases? Some will argue that I should just not bother closing them if it's so short but I don't agree with that. If they are responding to my texts there is still hope at gaming these chicks.

The girls will often be repsonsive asking about my night though I have been hesitant to go rapport with them for fear of losing value before I made attraction and being chodeyfied. I was thinking, though, that perhaps a few little rapport back and forths would be good just to get my foot in the door and then go into more teasing stuff.

I blew a number yesterday by trying to do some elabourate attraction over the constraints of text. I tried to force the sexual predators bit in somehow but I didn't get a reply back since.

What stage should I consider myself to be at? Maybe I should go right back to A1 and 'reopen' with a quick opinion opener so then I'll have more substance to tease her on and begin the A2 train. Once we are busting each other things get rolling and I find it easy to playfully qual then run off into real qual and rapport, but getting the ball rolling I find challenging when I don't have much to go on.


02-07-2009, 11:35 PM
Don't really bother with quick number closes that early in the game. You still have a long way to go. Focus on getting solid #s and practice on them your text and phone game.

02-08-2009, 08:24 AM
When you first meet girls, you could try to embed an inside joke immediately so that the girl has an easier way of remembering you.

Easiest way would be to give her a nickname, and then txt/call her and refer back to it.