View Full Version : 19 Tomorrow!!! woooott . need advice..

02-04-2009, 03:47 PM
okay so guys, tomorrow i am turning 19 YEARS OLD!!! biiiig weekend plans.. on friday i am going to a party this girl is throwing. ratio is perfect. more girls then guys.. i will have no problem with that one because they are all still in highschool and im going to be coming to that party with a birthday king hat:D
saturday i am going to a club, its my buddys and my party thing.. sorta.. we are taking a strech limo (hummer) seventeen people. pre drinking at his house. and then here we go! my first night at a club.. EVER. i mean, thats like my battlefeild! and i havent ever been to one. it made me think, if i sarge ill prolly fuck shit up, since im gonna be wasted.. i know when i first get there ill start opening my sets right after i get in V.I.P and sit down at my lounge, with my friends.. (put my jacket down) i cant really do any BIg closing because right after im done at the club im going to florida with my buddy and his family for four days... and im gonna be sarging the fuck out of florida... i have my bros fake id, says im 21 ;)

ANYYYY advice for anyof the nights i have planed??

first time at a club, EVER.

02-04-2009, 08:43 PM
yo man enjoy ur birthday, care about ppl around u(ur buddies supposedly), they care for sure too since they've come.
Also be confident if you see someone that takes ur attention dont be afraid of anything. But I do not think u wanna pass ur 19th birthday focused on sarging right?

02-04-2009, 11:34 PM
I agree sarging is cool but don't make that your night. If you're judging your nights success on how many girls you open/ dance with/ number close/ etc. then you're night will not be a success; because your allowing your happiness/satisfaction of the night to be controlled by a bunch of girls actions that you don't even know.

My advice: go out, have a baller time. Just have fun and enjoy the experience. The biggest thing I can tell you is DON'T GET TOO DRUNK!!! Seriously, as the birthday boy everyone is gonna wanna take shots with you, buy you a drink, etc. Please, take it slow. I promise you, I have seen too many of my close friends get super drunk on their b-day and all it really shows is immaturity. Be suave and get a good buzz goin and even a little tipsy but getting hammered is a good way to lose your friends respect fast, not to mention your game is trashed when your trashed.

So take it slow, have a good time, make sure all of your friends are having a good time. If you decide to talk/dance with a few random girls do it, I would encourage it, but do it for your satisfaction not to judge your game, show off, or w/e you might do it for.

Have fun man!