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04-2006-15, 05:54 PM
Anyone here ever been doing any sarging in Sweden, and I'm not talking about the major cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo? Since most Swedish cities/towns have an average popluation of about 70k you are sure to meet the same girl several times.
My question is; how can I even start practicing if I risk meeting the same women over and over again? Sure, going to a different town is an option, but not very realistic in the long run..
For those of you who doesn't know Sweden at all, here's a short intro: There are about 9 million people living in Sweden. No, not even half of the women are tall natural blonds and we don't have to keep a gun to protect ourself from polar bear on our way to work. However, the average swedish woman is most likely a HB8. Yes, the AVERAGE swedish woman. No kidding. Our women look GOOD and they know they do.
So our problem is how we can approach all these beautiful women in a small town where we will most likely meet them again!?!

04-2006-16, 12:37 PM
If you never been gaming before.. you might want to do the newbie mission in a big city.. :)
Same problem in norway ;)