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02-03-2009, 04:09 PM
Hay so theres this HB9 she has just split up with her bf and is working on this farm. im a backpacker in aus. she comes down at the weekend and we went to this festival where i number closed.

we have starte texting;

me' the audience cheered after alex turner addressed the crowd in his sheffield accent 'are you havin a laugh tonight *****?' have fun with the melons ;-)

this was a quote out of the paper talking about one of the bands we saw and the farm is a melon farm hence the refernce to the melons.

it was a statement so didnt require a text.

**3 hours later** she texts

oh its been a fun day on the melon farm, i thought i was close to passing out at one point! ur lucky you had the day off. u hear bout girl dying from drugs she took at festival?

**i waited 24 hours then text her***

me - unlucky it was roastin yday, i went for a run an nearly passed out to! iv got 8 hours of dossing to do now on facebook lol. yeah heard bout the girl she was only 17, savage aint it. she took 3 pills so she wouldnt get caught with em.

**again another statement**
im a personal tariner which is why i mentioned the run

she then texts me the same time as her last text now on this day.

HB - yeah its so bad cant belueve you tried to go for a run in the day u mentalist? i got to ride a the tractor 4 1st timetoday! prob guna b the highlight of my week ha.

** here she copies my type of text me using a statement that doesn't require an answer so to break thing up a bit instead of waiting to reply i text her two hours later

me - that sounds quality... i might be doing some farmwork in march, its better than sitting in an office all day! so when you coming back to civilization? i want to test out my new climbing partner..

this was because at the festival we had agreed to meet up to go rock climbing when she was next down

do you guys think this is going well and have i responded well. if she predictable she will text me again tonight around half 8.

any advice or tips would be great

02-03-2009, 04:23 PM
I think your doing good just don't overthink it cause the moment you do trust me it all goes to shits.

02-05-2009, 09:23 PM
just incase anyone was interested
she texted me that night after around half 9 saying how she isnt sure she is comign down this weekend, (not that i asked lol) and that she will let me know when she is next down. but that she might turn out to be a bit of competitionf for me! (meaning the rock climbing)

this had some great opportunities to tell her how i wasn't asking if she was coming down this weekend blablabla but i felt a bit of oneitis coming on!! so... i deleted all the texts and deleted her number so now the only way to get in contact with her is if she calls me.

see how it goes :-) i need some more numbers!!

02-09-2009, 11:20 AM
WOW ... ok ...

first of all, confusing messages, not to criticize but are you foreign? You text her .. she complies (eventually 3hrs or whatever) and you wait 24 hours to continue that same conversation? essentially what youre doing is having a CONVERSATION .. so if she found the time to text you, then take *some* time and get back to her. if not, youre just some random guy that has nothing to say and needs a day to respond. you need to be quick and witty (maybe not necessarily *quick* in terms of time but you get the idea.

and yes, you DID ask when she was coming down? (coming to civilization) so i dont know why youre focusing on her response to your question. just because you didnt literally ask about THIS WEEKEND, doesnt mean you didnt ask her.

Also, you need to have self control with numbers. you deleted the texts and deleted her number? thats strange to me, but whatever works. just FYI, you will eventually ... QUICKLY want to move away from this because its just lame.

i would say work on your text game because there are a lot of holes.

02-09-2009, 04:21 PM
ok thanks for the info. no im not foreign, maybe mildly dyslexic?!
so how would you progress this??

I texted her yesterday with

'you just popped into my head so i thought i would say hi. I handed in my notice today at work, only 4 weeks left! have you crashed the tractor yet?'

i appreciate the advice and would love your advice on how to move forward?


just a bit of info. i wouldnt of come across as some lame guy who couldn't text that day. it was gettin late when she texts me and i have like a million things to do at the moment so if anything, it shows im busy.
and If i was going to reply straight away like a normal convo through text i would of just rung her