View Full Version : girl has a bf what do i do?

02-03-2009, 08:50 AM
basically im being a muppet but kinda stuck in this situation,
i can feel that she likes me she likes seeing me etc. we talk for ages and she always giving hints that she likes me, but she has a bf, so im kinda confused what do i do? thanks

02-03-2009, 10:47 AM
In the grand and cosmic issues of life, on occasion, the Universe presents to you; the dilemma.

A heartfelt connection, the joys of life, love, and rapport brewing in chemistry.
It takes a good man to reflect upon his impact on this age old issue.

On times when you meet a significant other of value worth pursuing, when the Universe and Fates open up and delight in spinning you into a blender, pursue I say - Let the best man win, let the best man win and be the best man!
Pursue, win. Escalate, risk. Live, love. Shine, reflect.

That said, careful what you win in pitfalls of destiny. When the grey area that overlaps rewards with a woman that cheats, she chooses the saddle on the next horse before she rides it. Life can be like that, and will only reward with jealousy and insecurities later on down the road - twisting justifications to suit whatever mood strikes not relying on the substance of the matter.

These are the things what we call Life with a capital L.

Go forth, I say! Put the moves on, smooth the wheels on the path to her garden under the name of Destiny. But only if she is of value. Only if she is a keeper, only if this is worth the risk.

If you go forward, and build enough value and hit her hot buttons, she won't mention her boyfriend and will have most likely punted him already. Escalate, escalate, escalate. You have made your decision, don't look back. (Part with the destiny comment, see below)

if she hesitates and throws out the BF again, it is time to step up to the plate. Take the approach of I think meeting you was destiny - we'll have to hang out and see what happens, otherwise we should not see each other. Step up, if she balks, eject. Important, don't look back. She will probably pursue. If so have her step up to the plate.

Don't get stuck in the friend zone, you already have a foot in the zone.
<<<<<<<< we talk for ages and she always giving hints that she likes me >>>>>>>
If you are not going to escalate forward, tell her why: I dig you but it makes me uncomfortable you have a BF. If this is your intent to get her to step up and clarify, it may build up back fire, as she may assume you are backing out and force her to make a decision. Better to jump in and force her to make decision imho. (Part with the destiny comment, see above.) Otherwise you are set to be her girlfriend and this will only screw any chances later.

Above all, you should really decide if she is worth keeping if you are going to move forward. Otherwise, if you are just looking for a best friends with benefits/fuck buddy it requires a different approach of let's keep it loose have fun see what happens and be discreet. She may just want to cheat around and fuck, you will have to calibrate and examine her personality.

G'luck - post a report!
- Pup

02-03-2009, 11:36 AM
mate that was fucking awesome! i will post a report but tonight im going out with other girls , maybe i will have some time to see her soon :P