View Full Version : Does the idea of falling in love with a stranger mean less now, for a woman?

02-01-2009, 10:43 PM
Lets face it...with the advent of the Pick Up Artist, most women are becoming increasingly aware and those tests roll right off their tongue when the guy approaches. Even if they dont call you out on being Mystery's student, many still know deep down inside, smile, and run with the gig.

In your opinion, does being approached by a random stranger mean as much as it did before to a woman?

In other words, is it really still every woman's dream to have a stranger approach(Direct) and sweep them right off their feet?

Does the idea of falling in love with a stranger mean less now, for a woman?

02-02-2009, 12:07 AM
The random stranger - usually on a vacation or an important event that they'll carry with them. You can travel outside of the country you live in and close a complete stranger easier than you can someone in the town you live in.

All women know when you're trying to pick them up..sometimes you aren't even doing it and they say you are. Like asking for directions... most women know men are too stubborn to ask for directions.

I think if you go by romance novel plot, it's not love, it's lust that eventually turns into love. It's usually impulse driven.

If she calls you out on picking her up, it's either because she's absolutely not attracted, is attracted but wants you to work harder, you're not trying hard enough, the delivery fell short, or she might think you're cute but has her sights set on someone else, but might come back to you later.

The eyes across the room stuff's true... sometimes you just know when you see someone that you're definitely going to hit it off and there's no awkwardness in going up to her. It just clicks.

Sometimes you have the impulse to talk someone you pass by on the street, but AA holds you back... sometimes it's better to just go for it and not think.

02-02-2009, 08:18 PM
Nothing changed and nothing will ever change. Pick up after giving it lots of thought is not manipulation. Its more like sensory and emotional cheating. I mean come on you approach a certain group when u could have approached some other group. You neg (man i hate this lol) a certain target when you could have done it to someone else. You disqualify yourself when its clear you are interested.
In reality what you do is ease your way in her mind waking up feelings that make her rationalization of your approach seemingly insignificant. In other words you know her logical responses and you are one step ahead.
You enter the set and you know from your expirience that they have in their mind when u are gonna leave. So here you throw a false time contraint so now in their brain this thought is neutralized. Next step is the disqualification when your next step is to attract that girl and give her a level of attention (talking to her is attention). Disqaulification eases that thought in her mind (Is he hitting on me?) so you can run attraction on her.
Women are dependent on attention. No matter how busy she is with her job, family whatever, she needs a man to validate her. So yes they want to be picked up. At any point. Some hundreds of thousand years before a caveman hit her in the head with his club and ofcourse she was taken home with him.
Reminds me of the chicken and rooster joke... A rooster is chasing a chicken and the chicken is thinking: If i stop now he ll think i am easy but if i keep running he ll think i play hard to get. What shall I do...? Oooooops I fell......
I hope that gives an answer to your question.