View Full Version : Advice on next reply?

01-31-2009, 03:04 PM
I've been going back and forth with this girl for the past hour or so. I recently broke out of the friend zone with her (gauged by how she responded to previous texts) and I don't wanna fuck this up. Any advice on how to reply would be great.

We were talking about her coming to visit (she goes to school an hour away), and I hit her with this:

Me: I don't know, hon, we'll have to see if you can hold your own (I was talking to her about partying). And by good time I mean go out to eat, you pay, i'll tip, and then we'll head back to my place, break out the red wine, and you can give me a back massage while I watch sports center lol.

Her: haha hmm drive an hour to show YOU a good time... that better be some strong wine

Me: Only the best for my favorite alchy! it would be well worth the drive ;) for the wine, I mean.

Her: Mmm hmm mm hmm

Now I could respond with "lol you're so goofy. i like that." Any advice?