View Full Version : Cruise Party --some suggestions?

01-31-2009, 12:45 AM
Hey guys, tomorrow I am going to a cruise party which seems will be awesome... this popular cruise in my hometown's annual party. There will be 500 people on board, open bar, fireworks, etc etc. So it i one of the most highly expected nights of the year (besides their New years party)

I am going with 3 girls (2 HB7 and 1 HB9.5)... am not trying to game them but I am sure they will work as social proof.

The party will be an extremely high energy place with lots of tourist, live music, etc so I will need to be louder than ever (I am normally quiet), can you suggest me some things to do with my set to keep them always focused on me and at the same time gets other women attention?

I mean, things I can learn in a couple hours like magic tricks, tricks with drinks, etc etc?

I am also preparing a list of openers, though I am trying to find something more cruise related, not something you would use at a normal party or in day game, so if you could suggest me something, I'd be grateful.

This is a good opportunity to bounce to another location, since the party will end at 3 am and everybody will leave at the same time (when the cruise goes back to the dock) so it will feel natural (and necessary) to go to another bar or club or even someone's apartment to continue the party...

Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks and wish me luck ;)

neo one
01-31-2009, 02:51 PM
Dude, if you're going with 3 girls then you're set. As soon as girls see you walking around/dancing with them, they'll be in.