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01-30-2009, 12:42 AM
the past few months i've realized how fucking sad a lot of people in this community is...i used to have a lot of respect for guys like adam afc london and a bunch of other guys, but then i found out they're using pre-selection as a crutch. there was a video on youtube of adam saying he's got a network of girls who go out with his little pickup friends because it makes picking up other girls easier...

news flash...NO SHIT!!

i'm tired of all the chode fucks out there who are doing this just to get laid, you're nothing but low quality dorks with a tool box. where are the pickup ARTISTS?! I have yet to meet anybody in the community with some fucking tact and some artistic touch. COLD...FUCKING....PICKUP. Thats what makes a real man.

i know every single one of you envied women at one point in your lives because they had the "choice". its about reclaiming that power from them. we're fucking men, we lead women. And we fuck them because they're fucking priveleged enough to accept our jizz. Any chode with a line can get laid, its how you got there. I wanna see some pickup ARTISTRY...so take yoru game to the next level already.

01-30-2009, 01:19 AM
Well what do you want us to do? I mean whats going to impress you, when some secret masterful Guru whips out his magical dick and conjurs a mighty spell over 20 women, and they all march out of the club to his apartment?

From one point you say any Chode with a line can get laid. Isn't that the objective? Who cares how you get there. I've been analyzing and reading so much material for the past few months; and last night my buddy gets SHIT-FACED and ends up making out with such-girl for 30 minutes, leaving me in a confused stupor.

There is point A to point B. However you get there is up to you. I dont understand why you're mad at those who are trying to get laid, afterall, this is the ("Seduction Community")

We can take the EASY route (Get shit-faced, massive Kino, cocky/funny) - Or we can take the more disciplined route to understand the dynamics, (read material, sarge sober, practice spontenuity, delivery, body language, ect)

Remember, you were a Virgin once too; and who are you to insult the people seeking knowledge, thats what this community is for, right?

01-30-2009, 03:01 AM
We can take the EASY route (Get shit-faced, massive Kino, cocky/funny)

in my experience, getting shit-faced isn't the easy route. :D most fun perhaps... but not EASY :p

we're not all here to get laid, well, i'm not at least. I like the fact that there's a scientific(psychological) approach to most of this that's constantly changing. Every time i go out it's like giving the rubix cube a well thoughtout TURN. and standing back to study it again to plan the next turn.

I was doing just fine with women before this community, but i came to realize i had some habits that needed fixing and some techniques that i thought i'd test, later developing my own ways. Seeing as how i don't want any chance for an unwanted pregnancy with an ONS/SNL (someone i don't even know) or an STD, well i stick to the girls i know (for the most part) who are on Birthcontrol... designated bootycalls. I'll either have sex or a wank before i go out just to make sure i'm not looking for sex (the hungry don't get fed...)

that's my approach to this.

to each their own, if u wanna get laid and nothing more, that's ur business.
if you wanna find the "perfect girl" with this, best of luck to u.
If you enjoy chasing the mice in your skull and feel u can never know ENOUGH on a topic that interests you... join the club.


(i'm thinking this thread might turn into a bad-day-in-bosnia for some.... reason)

01-30-2009, 05:19 AM
I understand your problem, but that is unreasonable. It's like asking every person to become exceptional--what happens is that the old standards of exceptional become average and now you REALLY need to work hard to distinguish yourself. The fact is that many women are just as bad; they hide behind the good outfits, make-up and friends to disguise the completely boring and inadequate person that lies beneath just like men hide their inadequacy through a facade of confidence, power, and social prowess.

01-30-2009, 05:54 AM
Im sick of you guys using style and fashion as a crutch! Why cant I go out in a dirty best buy polo, with oversized stained jeans and dirty hair?!

Preselection does not guarantee SNL. It helps, sure, and it IS a huge tool, but its not everything.

01-30-2009, 08:49 AM
And how exactly these women happened to be in adam's social circle? He went out once and saw 10 girls and said hey I dont wanna fuck you i ll just hang around with you so i can fuck other girls and the girls said oh sure! Come on mate this is the next level on pick up. Its like being bitter that someone has a ferrari and picks up girls lol. You dont have to re invent the wheel. Once all of us started with a wing, then we met girls and more girls and more girls and some of them we started to hang out with and we started going to club 12 people like 8 girls and 4 guys, and then this helped us get more girls, and those girls we use to get threesomes blah blah blah. Its a ladder. Some of us/them go up and take some things for granted. We dont go back so we can get respect for some community.
Also GypsyTilt nice one hehe xD