View Full Version : Major IOI's, but declined date offer

01-25-2009, 10:10 PM
I'm in college now and I've been in the game for about 5 years. I've hardly met any girls who can handle the game, or are on my level for that matter, so when I run in to one that is I'm instantly attracted. This works both ways.

I met this girl at a party, some common friends introduced us. We started talking about school and I dropped some c&f fire! She then said lets talk about something else and again more c&f. After a few minutes of casual talk she then said lets go outside and talk. I had a good little buzz going and I honestly spit the best game I have ever spit, and she was eating it up. I dropped, "you seem cool but I have standards (with a sly smile), I don't think you're my type, you should really try to start qualifying yourself, and many more throughout the night but the best was probably my, "You seem like you have it all together, great personality and all but I need a girl that's at least a 6 in looks." She just grinned ear to ear. It worked great because she's a 10 hands down. Major IOI's including constant looking, her kinoing me, couldn't help herself grins, etc. The c&f, negs, and game in general went on for about two more hours before we went our seperate ways, and me getting her number. I saw her maybe 3 times after that before break and I dropped some good c&f but not enough real talk, looking back I should have mixed in some more good conversation.

I didn't call her last semester b/c I was extremely busy and it was right before christmas. I called her about a week ago to join me on a double date with a friend and his girl. We talked for 10 mins on the phone before I even asked her and when I asked her she was extremely excited and said she was down but she had to get back b/c she had a meeting/dinner. She texted me back 30 mins later and said she had to go to this dinner for a sorority thing, she said thanks, blah blah blah. I texted her back and said don't worry about it, we'll get together some other time, and have fun!

My dilemma: Do i need to up the game, keep the c&f the same, try to lay low on the game. Do i need to be persistent and ask her out a week later, go cold for a little while and ask her out in a month or so. The thing is that i have never felt more instant attraction in a short period of time and it was both ways. This girl is really cool and I know everyone likes to say one-itis or whatever but I am trying to pursue one girl. I don't find fulfillment in random hook-ups with different girls. And please I don't want to hear move on or forget about it, because my game is too tight for that. If anything I demonstrated too high of value and she thinks I'm out of her league. Tips, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

From a player to players,