View Full Version : A3 routine: Ordinal siblings

04-14-2006, 10:48 PM
I think that's the correct term. Oh well. Here goes...
Lately, I've been guessing the how old the target is in relation to her siblings. In other words, if they're the oldest, the youngest or the middle. I've made accurate deductions (I'm guessing 85-90% efficiency) based on simple observations.
oldest - decision maker, proactive
middle - wants to outshine others/ stand out (like Jan Brady complaining about Marsha)
youngest/only - spoiled friggin' brat (That's ME!)
Of course there might be a lot of other factors that will allow me to guess correctly that might come more naturally, but these are the major traits offhand.
I've been using this during A3 with much success. I think it's the quintessential bait, hook, reel, release routine. It typically goes something like this...
Target: ... and I just had to get that new car.
PUA: Really. So you seem to get everything you want, huh? I get the feeling you're the youngest in your family.
T: How did you know that!? / OMG! You're right!
PUA: Yeah. I'm actually the youngest in my family, too!
T: Oh really?!
PUA: Yeah. I can respect that. We're spoiled, but people don't realize that we do work our butts off for what we want. We just happen to have an advantage where we can learn from our older sibling's mistakes.
T: Exactly.
PUA: We'd never get along, though. You'd always want to get your way, and I'd always want to get my way. All we'd do is fight.
Of course, her answer will always be wrong, as long as you find a good excuse not to get along w/ her. Even if you guess wrong, they'll forgive you for trying (at least in my cases they have). Also be sure you have a good "I can respect ..." line for each scenario.
This routine I came up with on my own. I've done a little bit of browsing and it seems to be the first of its kind. I hope it is. It does take a bit of guesswork, but for me at least it seems easy. I've always been one to observe people, and I've taken more of an interest lately b/c of pickup and poker.
Let me know what you think, and if it works for you.