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04-2006-14, 01:47 PM
A lot of you seem to be having trouble with 'chavs'
i've had a lot of good experience with this group, as long as your not looking for deep conversation or anything else besides sex your not going to get very far.
I know these dont sound clever or smart,if they did it wouldnt be right. your not looking for an educated look,they simply want someone to make them feel fantastic, theirs nothing more to that.
note : NEVER use serious negs and stay away from her vomit coloured cap or coloured metal cross thats not quite gold.Bare in mind that although their is nothing interesting about them that would make for conversation, they do usually have great bodies and make for an easy 'relationship'
asking directions or about the best clubs directly will just get a blank face.
In the street:
hey, would you mind telling me where you chill with your mates?< pause > i've just moved down here from london.
how would you like a friend to go shopping with?
your pretty, lets talk more in a cafe? what do you think.
oh wow thats a pretty cross, i'm lance (i always use a fake name so its easier for me to become someone else)
Fluff Talk:
I went to a great party the other night,they had 50 cent on the subwoofer in a truck, was amazing and everyone was having a great time. Saw this girl getting off with a cool guy, short brown hair,amazing light blue eyes(describe your own characteristics). Everything was going great till the dj put some
tupac on,she thought they were real gunshots and screamed. It was classic.
Steal her if she has a bf:
ask her if shes got any cool pictures on her phone, if she brings one of him up use:
ah well, he looks kind of .. interesting?
you ever been with a guy who makes you feel as beautiful as you are <use kino>
you know, you've got the cutest little ears (touch them), then run your finger down behind her ear and kiss her.
From here its plain sailing.
with chavs you can simply use a LOT of kino, feel free just to gently massage her shoulder with one finger while talking to her or touch her forearm whenever you talk to her.
As long as theirs a physical connection,she'll feel safe and secure.
Anti-Slag protection:
don't spend more than 10 minutes talking to her,you can break it up but you should never spend more than 10 minutes in total. This way you stay distant,mysterious and interesting instead of "oh this guy who just started talking to me"
if your going to Fclose, it sounds incredibly bad but the following do work:
ok ok, you win. I suppose you can come back to mine and show me how to get my apartment mint, quick before I change my mind.
go for a kiss close, then hold her hand and simply pull her towards your car/apartment. she WONT resist. don't ask her directly.
have you ever thought about modelling? I'm starting an agency soon. would you like to come back to my place and talk about your future?
if your REALLY confident and shes fairly drunk, this one requires a perfect delivery:
place your hand just below her shoulder (furthest away from you) to make her feel protected, then whisper in her ear: let me make you feel as beautiful ....as you really are.
Honestly, play it stupid with them and you CANT go wrong.
I've never tried to get a chav in a club as i dont have a weekend game, Just make her feel beautiful.
main tips:
NEVER number close unless you want a real relationship
use far more kino than you ever would with a B
avoid negs right upto seduction stage
stay away from love lines, you just need to make them feel safe and protected.
palm reading works incredibly well, just keep it positive for the future
I know theirs going to be a lot of objection to this, but theirs nothing complicated about getting beautiful, idiot woman. JUST DONT TRY TO IMPRESS THEM OR ACT CLEVER.

04-2006-14, 02:04 PM
Cheers mate. Although I usually like girls with PhDs, part of me really wants to Fclose a chav. Probably some remnant of the bullying I was subjected to at school by chavs. Ta!

The Cooler King
04-2006-15, 10:03 PM
Shit, this sounds like a whole different hybred of bitch. :eek:

04-2006-16, 01:42 AM
it honestly is:
Different way of speaking
Different lifestyle
Hangs around in groups
Incredibly Stupid
The UK has a lot of them and it makes it the hardest audience to get game on BY FAR. I think even mystery would be surprised by how bad they are here, I'll pay him $1000 if he'll come out to the UK and give me a one day seminar, uk women are SO different.

The Legend
04-2006-20, 12:59 AM
but you have to ask yourself why you'd want to pull them. use the techniques for some worthwhile women, not some vicky pollard wannabes

04-2006-20, 04:03 PM
i once had one offer a blow job for a cigarette, on portsmouth seafront.
Another one, After opening with "first impression of my manicure" said "we don't care about that, all we care about is the size of your cock!" and then proceeded to grab and fondle my package. Her friend then lifted up my top to reveal my chest and stomach and said " he has a really nice six-pack!"
No matter how much i negged with "this shit ain't for free!" "it'll cost ya! OMG you must be rich you're running up a tab!"
they would simply reply with "well you can see mine" and "you can feel mine", and they meant it, that was the scary thing, they half expected me to drag both of them off to the toilets, and do the deed.
I was just running game to get myself up to scratch and develope my skill, i really didn't expect this, my wing and i were bemused, he was pushing to eject, since they were both drunk.
About 1 minute later after i had ejected, the bouncers rushed towards them because they were fighting. Welcome to the world of chav.
I am scared to use the opener of "Girls fighting outside" in portsmouth, because i am worried they will turn around an say; "yeah that was us! you got a problem with that?!?!"

04-2006-20, 04:20 PM
I am scared to use the opener of "Girls fighting outside" in portsmouth, because i am worried they will turn around an say; "yeah that was us! you got a problem with that?!?!"
I come from Gravesend the spiritual home of the chav (just 7 miles from Chatham)
Dimensio, I can't tell whether this is a joke or not! It all makes perfect sense but why would you wanna!! You'd probably get plague or something, and no doubt some braincells would die by bringing yourself down to that level.
Still I'm game for a laugh, will float down to the local dive in my best chavvy gear and give this a go...

04-2006-21, 09:53 AM
I read this last night! Haha absolutely classic!

04-2006-21, 12:58 PM
I think you could use that to make a good DHV story, Machismo :)

04-2006-22, 09:03 AM
Run...FAST...in the other direction.
Seriously, these girls sound like posterchildren for Valtrex.

05-2006-01, 03:06 AM
ugh! ragging a chav? Come on guys, you can aim a bit higher value of woman than that surely?! Chav girls are really not attractive in the slightest!

05-2006-09, 06:03 AM
but you have to ask yourself why you'd want to pull them. use the techniques for some worthwhile women, not some vicky pollard wannabes
I don't think it matters why you want to pull them.Just learn the skills, so if you want to, you can.
There's plenty of hot chavettes out there anyway, and they tend to be dirty bitches in the bedroom.
Personally I think it's cool to mix it up.

05-2006-09, 08:07 AM
but theirs nothing complicated about getting beautiful, idiot woman.
I have never heard of, seen or met a chav who was even remotley close to being 'beautiful.'
Hwat part of the UK do you live? :p

05-2006-09, 08:11 AM
I have never heard of, seen or met a chav who was even remotley close to being 'beautiful.'
Hwat part of the UK do you live? :p
Agreed with the above

05-2006-09, 09:51 AM
Blackburn's got a fair few fit ones. But they all stink of cigarette smoke.

05-2006-09, 10:17 AM
why go after chavs you ask...
do you have any disgusting sexual fantasies? things that you know you couldnt do to a real woman for laughing... well thats what chavs are all about, they'll do whatever you want as they think you might provide a channel out of their piece of shit council estate life.
you'd be surprised how many girls are absolutely stunning, you go up to them and realise theirs NOTHING upstairs and theirs 5 c's on the logo of her gucci bag and a bottle of 'tesco's value vodka' poking out the top.
also, i've tried running a few hypnosis patterns on chavs but got nothing..they simply cant hold concentration for that long..so back to basics it is.
I try to pull women EVERYWHERE i go, no really... absolutely anywhere, because i never had much success as a teenager i now chat up every girl i meet basically, not pickup. Theirs nothing wrong with playing games, you just see if you can get them..then walk away. amazing for confidence.
have sex with a chav, but seriously...wear protection... no not a condom; a boiler suit and safetly goggles with a knife in your backpocket

k0w 7ipp3r
07-2006-03, 05:18 AM
this is quite a shock to me. i never realised this but im new to the community. is this stuff literally true are they really this easy?
however i live in dublin, they are called "knackers" and "skangers" here not to be confused with the other type of knackers(the pikeys). are uk "chavs" a lot different?
because most of them, even the attractive ones appear to have enormous attitude and bitch shields up. they act like a gangsta ho sometimes.
clearly some of you are turned on by intelligence however i am not so what else should i keep in mind in trying to sarge these girls?

they'll do whatever you want as they think you might provide a channel out of their piece of shit council estate life.
i have to say i feel very skeptical of this. so basically the girls who live in their flats, gaming them revolves around convincing them that they will not live in their flats. i can't honestly believe this is this true?
but i am talking about very pretty young girls in late teens or early twenties, i am 18 fyi.

07-2006-03, 05:43 AM
LOL this is awesome :D

Jack Bauer
07-2006-03, 06:00 AM
Originally Posted by TheGreatAndini
I have never heard of, seen or met a chav who was even remotley close to being 'beautiful.'
Hwat part of the UK do you live?
Agreed with the above
Further Agreed.

07-2006-04, 09:31 AM
I Don't understand you all, I'm not selling you any ideas or principals. I really DONT mind if you don't like chavvy girls, personally I get a huge kick out of them and to be quite frank... less guys after them > more for me.
i've moved on a LOT with NLP and SS but with chav's you just make it so your an authority in their world and that you have options, you can go as far as expressing that you'll give them options... but simply by showing them that you have lots of options and a future is enough to make them mad for you, but you will need to act on their level and use their terminology etc.
richard bandler:
We crave what is different, but only move towards what is the same.
ok well I lost half of you 20 seconds ago, so i'll leave it at that. But yes it is INCREDIBLY easy to get these girls and all girls look similar naked, even if they are rich/poor/chavvy ... as long as their not fat etc or ugly then go for it.

07-2006-07, 03:51 AM
Cracking post!

Alpha Centurion
07-2006-07, 04:37 AM
There are a few 'fit' ones, but you don't know where they've been.
In fact if i'm going to bring one back to my place i'd tell her to take a f**king bath.
I like the ideas on picking them up, i used to use that when i was younger to get em, or if i can't be bothered, but i still use game most of the time, if you find the rare hot/clean one.
I agree they're not really the smartest girls, and they're damn agressive. I'm more scared of walking past a group of chav/wigga girls than a group of psychos, the girls will actually abuse you in the middle of a busy street.
I hardly ever go for chavs, but i'll take em from guys if they try to make me look stupid to impress the girls, which is much better than punching their faces in, or just because i can build a harem of em for social proof just walking to the town centre(my personal attack kittens).

07-2006-07, 09:29 AM
I was chuckling all through the post, great stuff homie.

11-2006-03, 09:39 AM
This is thread is pure gold - I've never really gamed a chav (actually one kinda gamed me) but what sort of experiences do people have with dressing? Do they like it if you're dressed better than them, or will they ignore you if you don't have matching adidas+cap+gold chains?

11-2006-06, 05:32 AM
i think this might also work on some club girls who are also fairly stupid and chav like only dressed better