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01-15-2009, 09:38 PM
There this girl at my that just has a FUCK OFF stamp on her head everyday.She reject guys after guys,left and right.She know she hot.She an HB9.5 brunette,nice smile, nice tits,ass and she has a very attractive face.I Just need to get rid of the bitch shield .I need help and suggestion so please leave comment.I was thinking of running this one off the MM

Here, pull my finger. This is good." She will pull your finger and you go, "FFFFT! OH MAAANNN! You actually pulled my finger! haaa! No, no jus' kidding, here, really, pull on my finger. No honest this is good. Fffft! Oh MAN! THATS TWICE!!! I cant' believe you! My NIECE is 6 and doesnt fall for that anymore! man haaa!"

Any more out there that I can work off.

01-17-2009, 10:17 PM
I was hanging with a friend of mine having lunch. A young looking 18 year old comes up to us and says to me "My friends dared me to do this.. basically they said that the next hot girl i see, i need to ask her out.. you're the prettiest girl Ive seen today so.. will you go out with me". My friend butts in and says "Do you know how old she is? Shes 23. You're too young".. the guy blushes a lil and says "well she looks alot younger".. My friend snaps back with "You look 10. Fuck off and leave us alone".

BIG BIG BIG devalue. He should not have allowed her to talk to him like that. For a start he should have said to her "Midget (shes shortish), nobody was talking to you" and continued to finish off what he was going to say. I felt like saying to him, hey, come sit down lets talk about this because Im pretty sure his frame was shattered. He showed some good traits, enough guts to come up to a set, open up, but he made some mistakes too and i really wanted to point em out to him.

Now, my friend isnt a bitch, shes a great girl, smart, etc.. but she did the bitch shield even though he wasnt really talking to her.. if he had broken her bitch shield, she would have been left speechless. She saw through his weak frame and busted him.

With these kind of girls, you cannot show your interest straight away. Dont go up to her and ask her out. Dont go up to her and compliment her or tell her shes pretty. She'll bust you and youll feel stupid. You have to open her up as if though you're not trying to pick her up and if she acts like a bitch and tells you to fuck off ask her " why are you such a bitch for? Did you actually think that i was trying to pick you up? No offense but you're not my type.. anyway.. as i was saying *continue with conversation*."

Also, dont look at her, not even when YOU think she cant see you looking (she can), 2 second eye contact and she'll be able to tell if you want her or not.

01-18-2009, 09:48 PM
Wow great point ,I show no IOI to her , the only thing is now she think she better then all the guy she rejected .Im thinking really hard on this one of how to lower her bitch shield .Need advise from a female like you.What would you think work?