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01-15-2009, 08:20 PM
I need some help with AMOGing. I've never really AMOGed anyone as I personally don't want to blow anyone out. I know how bad it feels but I'm thinking its time I learned some new stuff. I was with this one girl, who i guess you can say were dating, and hang out with her social circle alot. They're cool fun to be around. But they seem to always call these guys to come hang out with us that are HUGE TOOLS. They keep hitting on my girl and her friends but are really mean when making jokes and stuff. My girl's pretty short and whenever shes says something they're like im sorry midgets opinions dont matter or 4th graders dont know enough to speak. Just down right mean things. They deffinatly watch too much pick up artist! I know i'm saposta befriend them but i dont want to. I just want to blow them out and get them the fuck away. What should I do?

01-16-2009, 02:48 AM
You don't have to be friends with them... you don't have to talk to them. Who says?

You all should go to see an insult comic, specifically a female insult comic, and go as a group. I guarantee you'll be able to laugh more than they will. It takes a big pair to sit in the front and be able to take it, but at the same time you realize that everyone else is sitting away from the limelight for a reason.

THe only reason you'd be "befriending" these guys is so her and her friends can talk amongst themselves, and you're left with them drinking beer and talking sports. One solution is getting a poker game going and taking them on verbally one on one, esp. if you become a decent player and half of them have no idea how to play. Great AMOG tactic when one of them is reluctant to play and makes an excuse up why (I don't have money, it's not my type of game...) that's when you get one up on them.. call them out on not having any f-ing idea how to play.

The one who calls your gf a midget... you have to work on divide and conquer through humor, cocky/funny. If you get a couple of the gfs laughing and maybe one of the guys, then you can take control of the bigger douchebags of the group.

What do you do when part of your gf's social circle are people you don't like? Take what they say with a grain of salt, but if they're attacking her and none of her friends are coming to her defense, I'd tell her that kind of sucks that none of her friends have her back. You shouldn't be put in a place to defend her when ALL of her girlfriends should be saying something.

So I probably wouldn't say anything directly to the guy who made the midget comment, but would say something to his girlfriend, because A: she is the one having sex with the guy talking trash about HER friend. B: She can choose not to have sex with him because he's making a rude comment about HER friend. C: She SHOULD be speaking up if she is a real friend. D: I'd be asking my gf about why her gf is with said douche.

Same thing if she's being hit on... there should be one girl in the group that is keeping his ass in line, just so you're not dealing with him and everyone can have a good time.

What's the point of hanging out in a group where they're not making you a part of it? But if you're being anti-social and aloof, they're going to try to knock you down a bit.

This isn't a situation where it's some random AMOG in a bar, it's part of a social circle and it's up to the social circle to protect her more than you. If all of the girls in a social circle gang up on one guy, you know what happens.

But it sort of sounds like no one is really dating anyone, and they're trying to get what they can get. They don't see you as a serious bf, esp. if you're just seeing her and still see her as available. They all sound like they're trying hard to impress, but none of them are involved with any one girl, so they're trying to work that all out?

And as far as her social circle, you're just getting tip of the iceberg info. Once you get to know them all better, you might feel differently.