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tubby hayes
01-13-2009, 06:12 PM
This has been eating me for a little while now. Apologies for the length, I thought it necessary to have a good back story.

I met a HB8.5 on NYE and ended up having a week long sexual relationship with her. We got pretty close during this and I'm currently dating her even though she lives in another country!

So about 4 days into it we go out and meet some of her friends at a bar. Everything is going great, I am very dominant and confident, we even have sex in the ladies!

After quite a bit of booze and casual socializing we had out to a new bar. I had been chatting to some of the female bar staff about where is good to go around that area. As soon as we leave some guy rides up to her on a bike and starts chatting to her. I'm distracted by getting some directions to this bar, and after a couple of minutes when I got over the guy on a bike says he knows where the bar is. So him and my HB start walking I intend to follow but someone suggests a better bar. We decide to go there but 'some guy' and HB are further down the road waiting for us.

I shouted to her a couple of times and got her mate to go get her (didn't want to be a needy little bitch and go running after her) But she stayed.
So after a few minutes I go over there STEAMING inside but looking cool and unaffected outside, I was about ready to knock this guy out. As was my Italian AFC friend just out of principle!

As soon as I arrive and say "hey we're going this way" he looks at her and says "I like you" "I wanna throw you over my shoulder and take you back to my cave" !


Now I really want to hit him! At this point I started to walk off and said "We're going to a better bar this way" over my shoulder. After a brief pause she follows. Luckily it works but then I lost my frame and had a go about her talking to some guy.

I read some stuff afterwards but nothing really satisfied me about what to do in the face of such a blatent pick-up attempt.

I was really angry with both of them, but let it go pretty quick after a very heated session in the bedroom :D

I always felt there would be some kind of PUA code of honor or something, maybe I should have let him know?

What is a good way for dealing with this if it happens again?

-afterthought, you're probably a member of this forum so it would be especially good to hear from you. You were on a bike in camden outside lock 17 with blue tinted glasses.


01-13-2009, 06:16 PM



01-13-2009, 06:18 PM
I think you may of played it right. I mean you still got some cutty! I would say your frame got demolished. I think you need to be reading in the AMOG section and learn how to befriend them and not seem like a desperate freak for a girl. I think she was just giving you a shit test and wanted to see how you would react. I'd say you did all right , but know great.

01-13-2009, 07:23 PM
I'd give them a warning shot, "Ah, nice neg dude ;)" to let them know you're onto them. If they persist then just AMOG them.

tubby hayes
01-13-2009, 11:16 PM
Cheers guys.

I would have been hesitant to call him out as it could have backfired, but that came from a place of being embarrased to be using game!

Definately not where I am now, especially after watching Savoy on Dr. Phil. I liked the consider how long a girl spends on her looks. Whats so bad about a guy working on his personality.

So I will be suring up my inner game and frame.

Any pointers for good books etc?

I'm gonna sarge the tubes today because fuck it, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow!