View Full Version : What are my options here? (religious girl)

Almighty Mexijew
01-12-2009, 02:47 AM
I'm having difficulty deciding on a path to take. Theres a HB7 that I met during a holiday party back in September. I was w/ my ex back then, so, I was just sort of doing my own thing and being sociable....and was pretty wasted when we met. Despite this, there were IOIs, and I'm sure DQing myself with social proof and preselection( the girlfriend at the time :cool:) didn't hurt any.

Since then, she's kept contact and been a source of casual convo. She's also come along w/ my friends and I to a few things. A few times we've spoken about personal realms, and she knows I've been with 3 girls. I reDQed myself to her because she's religious to a degree I'm not. For reference, she's an Orthodox Jew, and part of her deal is maintaining lack of physical contact with the opposite sex:eek:.[shomer negiah] Its a fairly recent development on her part and she has some strange exceptions to the rule (such as her "home" friends in LA not counting). I respect it and refrain from kino.

There hasn't really been a goal with her. I wrote her off back in the beginning because the rating wasn't high enough to deal with breaking barriers and violating religious beliefs. She also had a thing for 2 of my friends, who were both way more eligible candidates because they are way more observant than I.

Lately, the IOIs have increased....interestingly, in the kino way of playful hits and stuff when I tease, which has me curious. She's been initiating with me on aim pretty much daily too, is a frequent source of facebook interaction, and has been saving me a portion of food from what she cooks at her job. She's been initiating time together such as inviting me to join her to go to the market(the timing was actually good lol :rolleyes: ) or coming over here to watch movies.

Anyway, tonight it was suggested that we should do a night adventure soon-- stargazing. Pretty clear message to me.

What are my options here? I can feel my position eroding as my thoughts get into it, and, perhaps a clearer mind can safely analyze this scenario.