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01-11-2009, 10:28 AM
I usually wouldnt bother posting in here to force myself to come up with something more automated... and if i need to DAFS plz let me know (I've only got a moment right now, so I'm taking the easy way by posting). And I dont really care if I'm 'noobing it up' with this either.

Anyways, I need to figure out a response to something thats stumped me time and time again...

1) "You know you're really hard to impress"
2) Any statement revolving around 'you must have high standards' or 'theres just no pleasing you'

Often these come up when theres a mini 'battle of wits' going on, sometimes its said earnestly, other times in teasing.

Other option is... if a girl is saying this to me, is it a sign that I should RUN THE HELL AWAY for fear of a 'stage-5 clinger' ;-)

Thanks in advance guys.