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01-09-2009, 03:25 AM
Hi guys. Tonight i went alone to this club in San Francisco, on mission street. I came in a rush, due they had a guestlist. The club had a cool environment with violett and blue lights. The only things was that the music was so load that i barely could speak to people. I was unactived and paralysed, but I wasnt worry or felt bad, just fucking neutral most of the time.

Do you have any tips what to think about, before you get out alone and feel in good state. I mostly go out in salsaclub, where the music and dance pumps my states, but the girls are much hotter in regular clubs.

01-09-2009, 03:37 AM
There are advantages to going out alone.No AFC friends are going to spoil your game and you are moving outside your comfort zone which is good.Check out the ''Going out alone and why you should try it'' in the ''best of'' section.

Del Boy
01-09-2009, 07:27 AM
People mightn't agree with me, but I'm going to say you can get in a good state by reading PU material. Not just any old material of course and not to excess.

What I do before going out alone is to go over the openers I will use in my head, perhaps copying them down onto my mobile phone in case I get stuck when I'm out there.

I may also go over some successful or semi-successful field reports in order to get me motivated. You may wish to use the search function to check out the other posts regarding going out solo...in particular the one Lordofthedance mentioned.

You could also have a chat with a friend before going out, drink a few cans of an energy drink etc. I wouldn't get too bogged down with reading however as the more you read the less field time you get and before you know it, it's 11 O'clock and public transport has stopped. If you've got one you will essentially need to go over your personal knowledge file as discussed in the 'best of' section.

I used to watch episodes of Keys To The VIP, as the contestants on the show are essentially solo themselves, however they took them away from youtube and I can't view the show on the official web site as they're not showing in my region.