View Full Version : The game is most certainly not over

01-08-2009, 10:59 PM
I've been reading alot of AFC bs all over the site about how women are becoming aware of openers and such through the commericialization of "The Game". This may be true. Women may be starting to recognize openers used in the book, and common opinion openers but seriously... If you are stupid enough to use an opener you found in a published piece of literature then you dont deserve to be successful. Style understood exactly what he was doing when he released this book. Attraction is not restricted to certain set lines, and he knew this. Unfortunately some of the users of this site don't. If you get into a set and rely only on material you've created earlier then you're done -- even if you had no competition and completely fresh openers/lines. The game is not a scripted play, it's an improv scene.