View Full Version : annoying situation, easy solution

01-08-2009, 03:05 PM
so i met this hb7.5 at a party this sat. everything went well but i never number closed. i just said "hey my friend is having a party next weekend u should come" and we decided to "talk in school". anyways i got no breaks between classes and for some reason i never see her at school.

so the day after the party her and her friend added me on facebook. i msged her on tuesday saying something funny about how she should say hi. she doesnt reply too well on facebook (the replies are ok, the frequency isnt) so its rly hard to talk that way.

also, at some point (which should have been saturday XD) im gonna have to get her number. how should i go about getting her number through facebook? im pretty sure shes attracted.

what sort of msg should i send on facebook in order to get her number? i got a few ideas of my own but maybe u guys have a better way.

thanks in advance.