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01-07-2009, 05:06 PM
Alright first off I just bought the Mystery Archives DVD's and getting some real good info off of them..
but to the point. Next week I will have the opportunity to meet up with a girl who I used to crush on a few years ago in college from a far. We only spoke a few times back in those days, but about a year ago we linked back up on Facebook/Myspace. We have emailed back and forth mostly about what we have been doing in life but now I will have the opportunity to meet up while I am in town for a business meeting. So here is the question? where does the Mystery Model fit into all this. I mean I don't have to open, so is everything else the same as far as DHV's and A1, A2, A3..etc. Or do I start at A2 with no negs? I know this is kinda "oneitis" but I can't let the opportunity slide. Any advice?
oh yeah I believe she does have a B.F. at this time so that will be another obstacle.

01-07-2009, 06:52 PM
Calibration my friend.

Often times I've seen a guy who is new to pick up stand at a bar and have a woman approach him. She'll send him IOI's instantly. She's attracted to him already and wants to know him. But because he is in pick up mode he thinks, "Okay, time to run my game on her. A1. Let me ask her opinion on who lies more, guys or girls". Dude, don't do this! She's in A3 already and you're starting at A1?? It doesn't work. She loses interest and it's gone. Bye bye!

The correct thing to do there is, she's showing interest already, so you reward her by giving her ioi's back. You don't need to open this girl, so forget about A1, it's done. Remember, each step is just a means to get to the next step. Like somebody asked me what my favourite part of the model was. What??? That's like asking what's my favourite breath of air that I've ever taken. I said, "Whichever one I'm taking that gets me to the next one".

You're going to have to DHV regardless. Attraction is not a choice. You trigger attraction by flipping her attraction switches. You do this by DHVing. Simple as that. You asked, "Do I start A2 with no negs?". Dude, why are you asking if you need to neg? The moment isn't there yet, so nobody can tell you. Negging isn't an integral part of pick-up. It's just a tool. DHVing, you HAVE to do it. Comfort, you HAVE to do it. Negs? No, you don't have to. It's like if you were fixing a car that stopped working. Will you need to fix the brakes? Well, that depends. If you get the car and the brakes are fine, then no. If the brakes are shot, then yes. So to answer your question, it just depends if the situation calls for a neg or not. You'll have to calibrate it I'm afraid. Forget about the boyfriend right now. To get a girl away from her boyfriend, you basically have to raise your value above his. He can't affect your value, only you can. You can lower his with the right tools, but if you're not advanced I would forget that strat and concentrate on raising yours above his. You CAN let this opportunity slide man. Don't get caught in your head that you can't because you actually make it harder for yourself if you do that.

I play piano. I play everyday. I've been doing this for years. I know where every key is without even looking. I just go there automatically. Playing is instinctual for me. But I always, always need to play slow simple pieces to begin with when I play in front of people. The reason for this is when I play infront of somebody, my mind starts racing with millions of questions. "Do they think this piece is too slow?" "Am I playing too quickly?" "What will they think if I miss a note?" "Is my timing up to scratch?" Trust me. These thoughts mess me up badly. Physically, I shake from anxiety. So I play simple tunes like "Mary had a little lamb" or "Old McDonalds farm" to begin with. Once I decensetise myself to playing infront of people, I calm down and it's all natural to me again. I go from nursery rhymes, to full board classical pieces with complex notes and chords, and I play flawlessly.

Seriously, don't make it difficult for yourself by thinking that you HAVE to succeed with this girl. Yes, you think she's hot. Yes, you think she's cool. Yes, you think that you can be extremely happy with her. Dude, I've been there. Everybody on this forum has been there. Believe me, you're not unique in thinking like that. This is another girl The reason you think that you can't afford to let this opportunity slip is because you've already begun to put her on a pedestal. Man, you want to raise your value to slightly above hers. If you keep on raising her value in your head, you just give yourself more value to get to match hers. Why raise the bar you're trying to reach?

01-16-2009, 05:05 PM
lolzilla u are so right about the oneitis. I often fall into that trap by getting to atched to one girl and getting jealous, but im working on it.

But FAM u are in one difficult spot. I mean from what u said,you guys have been talking as friend through e-mail and talking about whats been happening in life. the major part there is you are talking as FRIENDS!!!!! Ur in the friend zone and its gonna be hard to get out of it. Since you guys have not seen each other in a while whats most like gonna happen is your gonna catch up on things, about the past and stuff. You dont want that. Since ur on a trip i suppose you want a lay correct me if im wrong so your gonna have to live in the now. Dont go to a coffee shop right off the bat cause that could further you into asking the boring interview questions. Go somewhere you can have fun and make her have fun. You can go to a coffee shop but i wouldnt recomend you just doing that as the whole interaction.

About her boyfriend, just dont bring it up. I personally dont try go for girls who have boyfriends as i dont want to cause people drama. But if you want to go a head. If she brings up something about her boyfriend just ignore it and move on. Example:
Wow my boyfriend would love this
Wow this totally reminds me of. . . and stack forward

Best of luck friend, I'm pulling for you. May the Gods of babylon shine on on you. (Idk if babylon has gods do good luck)