View Full Version : A New Start-Short Anaylsis?

01-05-2009, 10:51 PM
I have been reading, studying, and watching the game for about a month now. And finally got the courage to put it to practice. I got the girl and we went ice skating. I dropped negs and banter lines right from the start. B4 the date I told myself that I was just going to try all these new things no matter what. Shes an HB8 that had a total bitch shield up from the moment we first started talking. By the end of the night she wanted me so bad. I played 5 question and the mouse race which lead to a kiss and more... :P I was having a lot of fun. She began to think I was a "player" and told her that I like girls and like to talk to them and they are in my life, but every girl that I talk to does not get to sleep with me...(she ate it) lol My only problem that I felt was, after I kissed her she told me she had feelings for me. I read somewhere that its not always good to open up (unless ur deeper in the relationship) and just smiled and kissed her. This didn't happen once, but at least 2-3 times..I thought after the first time of not answering she would stop. I stayed strong and didn't really say anything and just gave her a smirk and would kiss her or say your adorable or something. What would be a better way of responding to this? Do you think I fd it for next time? I sent her some text game and she responded positively... I guess what I learned was that I had a lot of fun and my confidence shot back up. (It was down for a while, because I haven't really day gamed on campus and a girl would randomly fall in my lap every now and then with no game involved)