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01-05-2009, 07:19 PM
Hi guys

I've read already MM and I often come here to see some new material, unfortunately, I continue being the same guy ( loser ) that I was 2 years ago.

During summer vacations I opened sets and met a nice girl ( she liked me, but unfortunately she had already a boyfriend and told me that before I try a kiss close or something )...but ok, I was trying to change.

Now, the vacations ended and i've got lots of work. I do not have time to go out and meet girls. My life is like a piece of shit right now

Last time I was with a set of girls, they started to talk about their past sex experiences, and thats something I feel very insecure because I'm virgin and really never kissed a girl. I really dont know what to say when people start talking about these kind of themes. Should I talk about that too in an enthusiastic way, talking about some friends stories or something like that, or just dont say anything because I'm unexperienced person?

My grandmother asked me some days ago if I was gay. I looked at her and aswered "No" in a very rude way.

But I started to think:

What are the percentage (%) of 20 year old guys that never kissed a girl during their life and are a disaster talking to them?

My family cant understand why I never had a girlfriend and I dont know how to deal with that..:/


Pony Boy
01-05-2009, 07:57 PM
1) stop worrying about it
2) work on improving YOUR LIFE in general and not just your success with women [the women will come as a byproduct of a successful interesting life]
3) just tell your family that you're "picky"...or do a cocky+funny type response that doesn't answer the question "OMG LIKE TOTTALLY BUT I'M ONLY INTO LATINOS"[with a funny, sarcastic, and also confrontational tone to show indifference as well as manliness]
4) don't critique yourself based on the accomplishments of others unless you are using it as a competitive drive to do better...it's unhealthy to try to be like everybody else
5) read through these forums or whatever material you have...go out and try it...then come back and ask us for help if you need it. it looks like you're at a low in your life, so this should be motivation to pick yourself up. the only person stopping you from becoming successful is yourself...but all of us are here for support.

01-05-2009, 08:04 PM
just go step by step, read the chapter about opening, get 2-3 openers that you know well then go open sets for 1 week, once you're comfortable with it, read about f2m attraction, learn the principles along with a couple of routines+neg then go out practicing opening+f2m attraction, then read about connection and so on.

Don't come back on these forums before you opened at least 20 sets, it won't help you anyway, just do it, what do you have to lose anyway ?

01-06-2009, 09:59 AM
ive had similar family experiences. my mom had asked me several times toward the end of high school and beginning of college if i was gay. my uncle is gay and i hadnt been involved with many girls at that point, so i guess she had a right to atleast throw the question out there. dont worry about how to respond. if u know ur not attracted to men then it doesnt matter. no doubt it was an awkward question to get asked, but just brush it off, ur family is always just trying to be more involved in your life.

dont bother comparing urself to other guys or trying to figure out how many of ur peers are in the same situation as u. there are hundreds of thousands of guys out there who suck with women. by acknowledging this and seeking help and finding these types of resources puts u far ahead of them. ur fine.