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01-05-2009, 01:25 PM
So i was at the location of an hb10's house last night and we were going through the normal transition of beginning to hooking up. I was experiencing some LMR and decided to take a break and grab some water. We were talking about how we met each other and how she was attracted to me right away.

She explained to me "That i was very social, was outgoing fun and gave her a good vibe."

Then out of no where she asked me "Why do you like me."

i explained that she was a very genuine, sweet, adventoruous and could understand humour. I then related every example to each trait about her, from her love of laughing at herself, teasing one another or her sincere and cute smile that would always light up a room.

Did i do anything wrong if she asked me "why do u like me' it seems i'm not more of a challenge and maybe turned a little AFC.

01-05-2009, 09:54 PM
nah u sound fine. it coulda been a test to see if u just wanted to get in her pants or u actually were into her or she just likes the attention and hearing her good qualities. wen i get put in that position i pick out 2 or 3 rly specific details and play on those. for example, wen i got asked this i said "your eyes remind me of music. if i had to envision a soft smooth song, i would see those hazel eyes" and "i love the way that wen were kissing i can feel you smile everso slightly" . ok, they mite sound corny n probly worked better cuz i was in a relationship, but she totally went for it. i say the more specific the better cuz it shows u pay attention to little things.

lol this one time, right after a ONS she asked me why i picked her. totally caught me off guard cuz shes the one that completely came onto me hah. i basically gave her the "you seem rly cool and down to earth unlike alot of other typical spoiled girls that ive met". didnt rly matter. i think if shes asking, she just wants validation.

01-12-2009, 01:59 PM
My run down

~ Looking for compliaments (however 10's probably are sexually secure)
~ Test? Possibly it's a pivatol movement
~ One of those things that people just say out of habbit.


~ Be careful not to lower your status by declaring the sun shines from her ass
~ Honestly and sincerity would be fine and probably my choice (Mix words with actions and body language ((power of three)) in your explanation)
~ Probably best to respond in some way
~ Watch her response
~Don't look like you're lying!

Good luck.

01-12-2009, 02:08 PM
give her ass the 3 things i like about you routine.

it is a shit test pretty much, she wants you to jump through a hoop. you can jump through it or you can switch it on her and get her to jump through one of your hoops.

ive answered this all kinds of different ways.
the most fun though is to say "who says i like you" and smile big then kiss her.

01-13-2009, 05:31 PM
The textbook answer to this (and the real reason) is not enough qualification before the seduction stage.

You should qualify early in the interaction (after attraction), but then again later in comfort. In comfort is where the deeper qualification comes into play. You really want to "appreciate her true and unique self".