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01-04-2009, 12:45 PM
Well, continued from this thread: http://www.theattractionforums.com/discussion/85452-physical-touching.html#post531735

I'm sorry for cluttering up the forum, but I haven't had internet for all December so I couldn't access TAF, and when I tried to reply to the thread, it said that I can't reply to it since it's more than 17 days old. So I created this new one. Hope I'm not doing anything wrong.

Anway, since I can finally access TAF again, I'm glad I got so many replies to the old thread. Its helped a lot. However, I think I missed out an important part of the question: These girls know me, but they see me as a total wuss (to use David DeAngelo's term) cuz that's what I was before I started schooling myself and getting advice. So they sort of block me out before I can even talk to them..and if I then go up and talk to them, then its obviously try hard and it shows Im interested. Plus, since I've never kino'd any of them before, they'll find it very weird..so, are there any alterations anyone can suggest to curb this?

DDiabolical, your advice in particular was great. Thanks! :)

And lastly, this keeps happening a lot and its pissing me off (I asked this question but it only got 1 reply, which I didnt really understand..): some girls slap me in the face when they're drunk or when I tease them, what can I do back? I normally just take it and smile, but again, that seems like the wuss method to me.

Thanks again :)