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04-13-2006, 02:48 AM
Finally found time to join the infamous mm site! Well i think ill start with what happend last night, a hb8 standing at the bar with a friend, open body language, so i walked over and lent over the bar beside them and called over the owner of the bar for a chat as hes a personal friend of mine, after a conversation about my latest skydive, obviously loud enough for the girls to hear, and in the corner of my eye i can see the hb8 peering over her friend and looking at me, i talk to the owner for a few more mins and invite him to a leaving party in one of the posh hotels in dubai ( yeah, i live in dubai...its a bit of shit hole really tho) again everything i say is loud enough for these girls to hear and all plugged to dhv! naturally! the owner brings over a bartender to take my order, i can see the the hb8 looking at me again in the corner of my eye, so i look over my shoulder and meet her eyes, shes smiling, im smiling hard. her mate is a dog, so i dont even bother smiling at her, but acknowledge her. my line for the night is,
me: 'Hi! ill only bug you for a minuite but im having a conversation with some of my friends over there (pointing over to the table my pals are at) and i think all women love chocolate, but they disagree! dont ask how we got into the conversation but, you must love chocolate! unless your lactose intollerante which is just weird!'
i talk kinda fast, but im only giving them the option to say yes!
her: 'all women love chocolate, everyone knows that!'
Me: 'that is exactly what im saying! i bet your a milk chocolate kinda girl arent ya?!'
complete stab in the dark but i cant think of what else to say.
her: 'na, my friend is, but i like normal chocolate!'
me: 'do you count chocolate with mint normal, becasue everyone knows minty chocolate is the nicest!'
her: 'yeah i love minty chocolate' starts naming chcocolate she likes...
me: 'lets have some chcolate then!' (cocky funny, waving at the bar-tender) shes looking at me like im weird as were in a bar, but i call over the bar tender and ask for 3 shots of 50/50 baileys and mint liquiore.
i start asking for name, serial number, rank etc untill the drinks turn up, engaging both girls, with a great lack of intrest, as this hb8 is scratching her arm, got some massive bite on her arm, and has fallen to a hb6!
drinks arrive
me: 'ever tried a mint-aero chocolate bar?'
her: 'yeah, but not for years!'
me: 'well dont get to nostalgic, but this is a dead ringer!
we drop the shots, the girls faces light up. it is, in all fairness a great shot, i think the official name for it is 'squash box' but its smooth and cool.
the girls start smiling as they taste the chocolate and mint in thier mouths.
me: 'how was that for ya?!' (in an after fuck kinda voice)
her: 'that was awesome! taste just like the real thing! thats so cool'
me: 'ok iv get back to my friends and prove my point! but it was a pleasure to meet you 2!'
her: ahh dont go, show us some more cool stuff!?'
me: woaaahh! well i guess i am pretty cool huh!? (cocky funny) but i am male and i need a few minuites to recharge! if you know what i mean? ;-) (thanks style!)
the girls are laughing now and the hb...6! paws at me to hurry back.
I'v got to be honest everytime iv looked over at her, the girls scratching this thing on her arm and its starting to look skank as fuck! so i leave it at that as i dont chase 6's.
But i made that routine up a few weeks ago, and that is the first time i tested it out, i'd say it went ok.
what do you think, can i improve this at all? how do you think i should take it forward? would appreciate some feedback, thanks dudes.
Virgin post!

04-13-2006, 04:08 AM
That font is unreadable, at 1280*960 anyways.

04-13-2006, 04:12 AM
Haha! Take a screen shot and zoom it up in paint! It's good shit trust me...I'm a gynecologist...:D