View Full Version : ex in the way of my new target

01-03-2009, 08:56 AM
Ok so there is a group of 3 girls that are relatively close friends. I dated girl1 (hb8.5) who is now my ex for about a month. Now im working on hb9 girl2(my target). Last time I hanged out with her i played my cards well. While there are always guys trying to get her attention, I was mostly talking to her friends next to her. eventually started talking to the hb9. caught her just staring at me a few times. I can tell she is attracted at this point.

Problem is: my target wanted to invite me to her b-day party(which is in a week) but girl3 stoped her. I guess girl3 feels like I can fuck up the treo-friendship. Meanwhile my ex is making out with another mutual friend of ours for like 3 hours trying to get me jealous. stupid bitch doesnt realize idc about her anymore, (nor i frankly ever did).

so question is how do i manuever around the cockblocking best friend the target has. They are both friends of mine so i understand the cockblock has good intetions. il just keep escalating the situation, but is there anything i should keep in mind next time I call her/see her?

also my traget gets off on the fact that there are guys always trying to ask her out. what would be a witty response/reaction next time to counter her ego? I commeneted something like "what a player" and went off into a different topic but these situations keep comming up once in a while with hot girls so i was wondering.