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04-2006-12, 08:46 PM
I've recently helped a couple of friends start to work their way into the community. I point out materials to them, and we discuss. We've gone out into the field together with great results, except that distance is an issue and we can't get together as much as we'd like. Everything was going great until, you guessed it...."This one girl"
I know there have been many posts about this, even some recently. It's something we shouldn't stop talking about because a lot of guys can't wrap their mind around this concept (I was one of them). I offer a new perspective. (I admit I'm an "inner-game" guy.)
Mystery and the Buddha have a lot in common.
Buddha was a regular guy who sat down, pondered the universe and reached Enlightenment by finding a way out of suffering. Mystery was a regular guy who sat down, pondered women and reached Venusian Enlightenment by finding a way to help guys out of their suffering.
The great part is they both discovered the same thing: Desire causes suffering.
I know it's easy for me to just point that out. It would be foolish to expect tons of results from just telling you the information. It is much harder to actually remove your desire. It takes some quiet time and personal refection - or go out with a dozen girls - either way.
If you desire "this one girl" too much, you will suffer. That is fact. Period.
However, if you can release all that desire and just live in the moment, you will cease suffering. In Buddhism, you reach Nirvana. In Pick-Up, you get chicks. It's that simple.
My personal mantra for this has been (complete the phrase) "We don't need no water..."
The point: Remove your desire and cease suffering.

04-2006-12, 09:35 PM
I prefer a more tantric point of view.
Desire fulfilled leads to enlightenment.
But, whatever keeps you away from one-itis is good by me.

Vincent Chase
04-2006-12, 10:14 PM
I prefer:
Be the desire of women and initiate bliss.
Every woman want's someone that will expose them to their sexual self, by being that man you can eliminate any fears of women, effectively negating a key component of one-itis, fear of not being able to find another woman (especially "not one like this.") Then when you start finding thejoy into turning women into sexual beings you won't feel dependant on women, another factor of one-itis.

04-2006-13, 07:06 AM
I'm glad to see that there are more philosophical inner-game guys out there. I'm a believer in outer-game, of course. I saw results, however, when I internalized everything and - as one of my friends says - "got all Zen about it."
Thanks for responding, guys.

04-2006-20, 07:32 PM
I prefer a more tantric point of view.
Desire fulfilled leads to enlightenment.
But, whatever keeps you away from one-itis is good by me.
I understand that's a tantric point of view. But I also hope you understand that tantra, if practiced incorrectly can greatly multiply desire much like pouring gasoline on a fire. Yes, tantra is "the quickest way" but at the same time if you don't have a good teacher then it's tough to "figure things out" on your own.
A nice metaphor (bordering on a parable) the Vadjrayana monk I learn under told me something like this:
Imagine you're trying to get to florida. You could, walk, bike, drive a car, fly and airplane, etc. Walking would take a lifetime, but it would be safe--probably the safest way to go, much like daily meditation. Tantra is more like flying a plane (I understand the statistics of death on plane rides is less than cars but lets say for sake of the example that it's much greater)--if you screw up with tantra, it's really hard to get out of the hole you're in.
Please don't mistake this for patronization. I have a general concern bordering on worry for people practicing things like Tantra and Healing Love (through the Tao)--both of these practices are very high teachings and many westerns jump into it without a base foundation. Maybe if this little blurb doesn't benefit you it'll benefit other PUA's who want to jump in on this stuff.
So everyone, if you're intriuged by tantra, make sure you first learn a good base foundation of practices/find a good teacher before you start learning it.
I wish the best of luck to all of you in your spiritual paths.

04-2006-20, 07:49 PM
just get One with the Universe and all you desire will materialize for you. It`s one`s Ego that gets in the way. Ego causes one-itis.
If you are pre-occupied with winning or defeating you are at the mercy of your Ego which loves confusion.And that in turn, blocks you from the grace of the Universe.
You are worthy of Abundance.. Have faith in that fact and not fearful of whatever you want not materializing.
Fear and Faith can not live in the same house. And fear originates in the Ego.