View Full Version : Smiley Silent moment

04-2006-12, 06:52 PM
She showed up out of nowhere, i worked my approach, i built the comfort, they laughed, and laughed, and then....Smiley Silence. The awkward silence felt like i was being pushed off a highrise. My material was all original becuz im fluid at spur of the moment responsive wit but i just wiped out when i was in midflight with this girl. I couldnt think of anything to say and i was just standing their with a big stupid smile on my face. Other than that i got her number and im sure she liked me but their was some doubt after a few of those smiley moments. How to get rid of this altogether?

04-2006-12, 07:45 PM
Use stock material and do the newbie mission.
Use your own material after you have learned to calibrate and react in-set.
Repetition is the only way to get comfortable in-set. Using the same material over and over allows you to focus on delivery and calibration, rather than what you are saying.
Do it. No excuses.