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01-01-2009, 04:57 PM
just flicked through a few threads on this,saw a few people are beginning to feel the same as me. What I mean is I only had 2 g.f's EVER. Deadly serious. It doesn't bother me tbh,ya know like admitting it to my buddies or whatever. Some people just aren't into it,but now that I'm in college I feel it's time to start trying. I'm a normal dude, i don't sh*t myself around chicks, tbh I've a pretty good 'track record'. That said I'm only successful with ONS's. Which is annoying really, I really wish I had some hot g.f i could look back on and say 'I tapped that:)'. So the jist of this post, I choke big time on 'day 2s' or whatever you'd call it,basically i don't follow thru with a HB. I want to know how i can attack this and start something(hopefully)
nice one

01-01-2009, 09:00 PM
Honestly what probably happens to you, on day two, is that you let down your game and get too comfortable and thus what ends up happening is that the girl losses interest. I use to have the same problem but except my girls would last a week or two and then they lose interest, but now what I realized is that everything is part of the game. At least for the first part of the relationship.