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04-12-2006, 04:27 PM
well, as usual i was stacking 3-5 openers trying to get 3 sets per hour (or more), and as each set fairly short, once i went through my stack, i would use the DHV for preselection used on the OAP (the airport one), just for practice more than anything. Here's the problem:
i've noticed that in a few sets, that if i open (and it goes well) and DHV pre-selection, the HB (generally HB7 and above) starts to brag about how attractive she is to men (in one set, the HB8 talked about how she was kept awake the previous night by several guys calling her), or how great her boyfriend is (the same HB8 talked about how educated and rich her BF was). It also happened on other ocassions also.
And the next day, i was getting my haircut, and my hairdresser (an HB7.5) who i wasn't gaming, did the same bullshit: after the conversation very naturally progressed to the fact that my last g/f was a model, she unnaturally started talking about the guy she is seeing (who she has never mentioned before), and how close they are and how he went out of his way to travel to the next city to buy her a handbag for easter (the stupid AFC).
What is going on?
Am i doing something wrong?
Does my DHV come acoss as bragging or something?
I know if they start going on about their BF you should cut them off, but often it comes so out of the blue, that all i can do is pretend that i am listening and be very unaffected.
How should i deal with this?
Many thanks,

04-12-2006, 06:07 PM
Please correct me if I'm wrong. A DHV is used to raise your social value, as a neg is used to lower hers. Maybe they tell you this things for that reason. They are trying to raise theirs to yours as they feel they must to be not seen as a loser. IMHO.

04-13-2006, 02:39 AM
They are trying to raise theirs to yours as they feel they must to be not seen as a loser. IMHO.
I think this may be true, but how do i deal with it it?
Any other suggestions of what could be going on?

04-13-2006, 05:06 AM
The feeling I get from your description is that girls are trying to control de conversation by showing their social value.
It's quite clear that the HB's are feeling they have lower social value, so they make it up by braggin.
It has never happened to me, so I can really give you a field tested way to deal with it, but I would try neggin them as soon as they start. Neg and show them whos the boss.
Try something like:
Does she allways brag like that? (to the obstacles).
Or maybe in the case of "They called me all night I couldn't sleep bullshit", you could say something that implies
"Beauty is common, and the fact the you were called all night just because you're beautiful is something horrible, cuz it means you don't have anything else going on for yourself."
You know... reframe it.
As I said, this is NOT field tested, it's jut what I would try if I were in your shoes... then again I'm not... do what you like.
Keep it up,

04-13-2006, 05:39 AM
come on you know your messing up. its total afc thing to let her brag about herself. your not controling the frame! as soon as she starts talking about herself act bored, disinterested like your gonna leave. otherwise she is getting her esteem up and totally negating any Negs you might have dropped.
Seriously, girls do this all the time to feel excepted, to fit in, to qualify themselves to you! so if you accept what she is saying then guess what..? she is on an equal playing field with you and you aren't getting laid.
Besides the bf thing everyone has a boy friend. who cares? i tell them time and time again " oh you have a Bf" "Yeah well he must be desperate."
or yeah i have a bf too. and then i change the subject with such smooth delivery they forget whatever it was that they were gonna say anyway. if they persist becuase they just have to say it. eject! " oh, my friends need peace." simple and come back later when their bf's are there to steal thier girls away.
Remember you have to be in control if your not gonna do it well some other guy will and your gonna be stuck with the ugly fat deperate girl who knows your too good for her. i know this is harsh for you to take, but it is a valuable lesson.

04-13-2006, 02:57 PM
Don't make it a competition...
I wouldn't neg her for talking about a bf or guys that admire her...after all..they are all losers...there is no competition to be had...
She is telling you that she is hounded by guys that she isn't attracted to...remember...YOU ARE THE PRIZE...
So I would respond with, "that's got to be annoying" or something to that effect...then go into a psychobitch routine about the girl who wouldnt stop calling you..blah blah blah...
Remember...it is all about you...and talking about her boyfriend is an IOI...in almost EVERY case...she wants you to try to compete with him..even if he is imaginary...

04-14-2006, 09:31 AM
...HB (generally HB7 and above) starts to brag about how attractive she is to men...
They're qualifying to your story. I'd need to see the full DHV story to be sure. But they're forcing you into A3. Start puttin' up da hoops.

...I know if they start going on about their BF you should cut them off, but often it comes so out of the blue, that all i can do is pretend that i am listening and be very unaffected...
If you need it, use this.
HB: boyfriend blah blah blah
PUA: *interrupt* I've known you two minutes and already you're telling me your problems. Slow down, girl. Buy me a drink or something.

04-14-2006, 10:42 AM
Thanks for all the help Cedar, your posts are always insightful!
Here is the DHV, it was given in the OAP, and is shortish, and i find it easy to remember as it applies to me somewhat:
PUA: You'll never believe what happened to me the other day!
HB: What?
PUA: The police stopped me under the terrorism act! Can you believe that!?!
(for all you people who are not in britain, this is the latest pointless laws in britain, and they use it to stop everyone and everything especially if you are travelling in airports or train stations, the HB's normally giggle as look nothing like a terrorist. If i think they won't get this then i just shorten it to "the police stopped me")
HB: Really?! What happened?!
PUA: My ex-girlfriend had just picked me up at the airport the other day, and instead of driving her Audi, she was driving this beautiful big red Bentley all of a sudden. It was too funny - I tried to pretend that I didn't notice.
We had driven about 100 meters, and we get pulled over. She didn't tell me until afterwards that they'd just given her the car for a photoshoot she was doing, so when the blue police lights flashed on, I was totally wondering what was going on!
Finally, I whispered to her: "Charlie, if in the last 3 days you'd become a drug baron, and the police were after you, you'd tell me right?".
Anyway, it turns out, because the car was new it had this protective layer over the licence plates which stopped you from being able to see the registration! And they thought we were trying to cover something up!

04-14-2006, 10:48 AM
They're qualifying to you based on preselection. Begin A3.

04-14-2006, 10:59 AM
thanks a ton buddy.
Can't wait for me to be able to hit he field, and get good at dealing with this!