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04-12-2006, 02:02 PM
This is an opener that I have field tested and have gotten fairly decent results out of. What's good about it, is it leaves the girls open for big time negs if they say they aren't fun.
Fun Zone Opener
pua: So you girls know that where you're standing right now is a special zone in the club.
hb's: oh really??
pua: yeah and you're not allowed to stand there if you're afraid to have fun.
hb's: oh you don't need to worry about us, we're plenty of fun.
pua: (like to give a kind of deer caught in headlights look here) really?? well cool let's play a little game.
hb's: sure/no that's ok/????
pua: (here if they say no i neg them for lying and if they say sure i go into little mind games with them which I'll list below this. if it's a good size set i've noticed there is always one girl that says yes.)
this has really opened up a lot of sets and gotten all the girls involved and laughig. i usually play 2-3 tricks on them depending on how they react.
pua: spell 10 three times.
HB: t-e-n, t-e-n, t-e-n
pua: what's an aluminum can made out of?
common answer: tin
real answer: aluminum
#2 (calibrate to how they reacted. if they liked it and laughed, tell them they get harder as they go along. if they didn't like the first one, i usually say, "oh so you're smart. well if you get 2 out of 3 ill let you roll with me.")
pua: spell silk three times. (i like to do this one to my target because it truly is the easiest one to get wrong)
HB: s-i-l-k, s-i-l-k, s-i-l-k
pua: now what does a cow drink?
common answer: milk
real answer: water
pua: spell most three times
HB: m-o-s-t, m-o-s-t, m-o-s-t
pua: what do you put in a toaster?
common answer: toast
real answer: bread
i had a 4 set of HB's dying a couple weeks ago while field testing this. If you can get the majority of the group laughing on the 1st one, the rest will follow because they don't wanna miss out on the fun.