View Full Version : PLEASE critique my text convo with HB, and where should i go from here?

12-27-2008, 09:55 AM
Ok so i am trying to get with this HB9. I was hoping i was going to get with her last night but didnt happen as you will see below.

Before you read convo, the background info:
I met her through her friend that I hooked up with two months ago. I've only hung out with her a couple times in a social setting. She goes away to school (couple hrs away). Last time she was home for thanksgiving, i invited her and her friend to come out with us to my buddys party. It went well, we flirted all night, and had a lot of fun. I was doing everything right, and i can tell she was really into me. She didnt want to leave but her friend pretty much made them. When i asked her to go to the movies the next day, she texted back that she is attracted to me but she doesnt want to disrespect (girl) - the friend of hers that introduced us and who i hooked up with. (at that time, i def can see how it woulda been awkward for her cuz i think her friend still had a thing for me)

So anyways, we talked a couple times via text and online since then. And just last week while she was away visiting family over xmas we were texting back and forth and i had some solid text game going, teasing her and having fun. she was def into it. So after some delays at the airport, she arrived yesterday afternoon. She is only going to be here till tomorrow cuz shes going to visit her dad in Ireland. I was hoping to see her this weekend. So here's how yesterdays convos went:

HB: yes! i'm home! the hell day ends
ME: awesome. lets have some fun!
HB: wat u gonna do 2nite
ME: idk yet. on the way home from (town). couple things going on that i know of. you have plans yet?
HB: not quite
ME: well the way i see it you only have on play
HB:i got power plays
ME: ya you coming out with me is about as powerful as you can get :) pick you up at 9?
HB: i'm supposed to c my friend maggie for a lil but after?
ME: ya that just isn't gonna work for me. U see i was trying to squeeze you in before my 10 oclock.
HB: haha u make house calls?
ME: Absolutely. What you need
HB: Zanex after today
ME: I suppose cuz your going to Ireland I can cancel my appointments. Just this once!
HB: wat were u plannin on
ME: look (hb's name), i don't plan i just do
HB: haha ur so cool
HB: Too cool for school babe

HB: I just locked my keys in the car!
ME: lol you dork. where are you
HB: My house im such an idiot
ME: haha so what ya gonna do?
HB: Wait 4 my friend shes got AAA
ME: what am i gonna do with you
ME: (b4 she responded) hey my buddy said said hes having people over for cards and pong tonight and you can bring your girls if u want
HB: ok my guy friend is comin ovr to say bye to us b4 he goes to florid but maybe aftr

HB: Hey where r u
ME: having a beer with the other coaches at (place)
HB: do you have AAA
ME: lol ya. why
HB: nvm i got sumone i was last resorting
ME: k

HB: how you doin
ME: just left the party. how YOU doing?
HB: good kids just left
ME: so what you doing?
HB: just w (her girl friend). shes bout to leave
ME: im gonna prob head home. you going to bed?
HB: ya later
ME: well i'd say we should chill but i don't want you taking advantage of me
cuz i've had some drinks! ... Only if you promise to play nice
HB: haha i would
ME: ok ok i can swing by quickly to say hi. What street you live on
HB: its okay ur far from me
ME: i'm not home yet. last chance
HB: im farr
ME: far from earth?
HB: next to the hospital
Me: lol thats not far at all
HB: frum the drive (she is referring to a main street in my town)
Me: Nope! lol. how bout this. Yes or no do U want me to come?
HB: Its ok im gna pack up soon
Me: Ya that sounds fun :p Well i'm gonna catch some zzz's. Night (HB)
HB: Nite Mang

I posted convo for the follwoing reasons:
1) looking for critiquing to see what i'm doing wrong / right and what changes you guys would make
2) what your take is on where i stand with this chick
3) your opinion on what i should do as next move.