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04-2006-12, 08:05 AM
I have my first theroy to offer the seduction community.
It is this.
You can refer to her as your "best friend" but best freinds dont suck up to there
best friend. If you buy a girl things because you want her to sleep with you, all she will do is enough to keep you buying stuff and calling you her friend, at this point in time your not EVEN her "girlfriend".
Her girlfriend would not even do this for her. Her own family might not even take the shit you take from her if your sucking up to her. Its not normal!
Always have something to offer her, EVEN IF ITS JUST FRIENDSHIP. And make her have to offer you something in return for that friendship. Friends INVEST in each other.
Fellow wings INVEST in each other.
Be friends, THATS FINE!
When your ready to seduce just start being attractive. Sucking up to a girl makes you LESS to her then ANYONE ELSE in her ENTIRE social life. ALL her friends are more inportant to you if you are her pet.
Listen. You can be in the "friendszone" with a girl ALL YOU WANT. Because buying shit for a HB10 is not in the "friendszone" its in the bitch zone.
You can show no sexual interest at all and simply make her INVEST in spending time with you. As long as a girl is investing in spending time with you
in any capacity, she is bedable.
Thats it. Dont bribe her to spend time with her. If she dosent want to spend time with you, move on and hang out with your other friends. Maybe after a few weeks call her and invite her out again. <---- MM
And if she comes, make sure she invests. Dont invite her out to free lunch, ask if she wants to meet up for bowling or something and have her invest in entertaining you. <---- DYD and MM concept
As long as she is trying her BEST to entertain you and make you geninely happy, even if your just friends...it can always be something more.
This is called (investment theroy), that as long as investment exists and she continues to be willing to invest almost as much as you invest...your at least not being used and can seduce.
Getting her to invest in being with you is more important then ANYTHING, you can even refuse to hit on her at all for month or two and she might still become attracted to you. Why?
Because, if shes investing to hang out with you, and your truely NOT someone she is using....then you are obvouisly someone she has a good time with! Even if it is not sexual. Still she will associate fun times with you! She will have fond memories of you now, because you offered FRIENDSHIP. <---- SS concept
Thus you can hit on her whenever you choose! Because you have social value
in her eyes! Because her memories and investments GIVE YOU THAT VALUE. <----- SS and MM concept

04-2006-12, 08:11 AM
what i am trying to say is if you do anything right in your game do this right
If you could only master one thing master this
The most important thing is to Next chicks who refuse to invest in you, or challange them to invest in you.
Because as long as there investing, its never game over.
They could be with another guy and even fucking them, but your not giving them money for them to do it. Plus there actually investing time and maybe even money to DO things with you even if its not fucking. That still gives you value.
Because although she is fucking some guy, she is willing to drive 30 min to your house to watch your pets while you and your buddies go on a roadtrip or something. DUH. So shes fucking some guy, but she still makes the trip to watch your pets.
All you have to do is figure out how to attract and then seduce from this point. And it wont be that hard.
She might love this guy and sleep with him, but if this girl goes out of the way to give you a nice birthday present, (maybe even spend more on you then you ever spent on her) because your a great friend. You obvouisly have a shot in my eyes.
All you have to do to get her fucking you once you have this value is attract her with some good flirting and a few CF and flirty lines and such.
Investment is the key in the end. Thats what the focus should be about, after I have investment then I focus on everything else.

04-2006-12, 08:18 AM
it's great that you show an understanding of the concepts of the game, but your investment theory is really just a few of the already exsiting theories thrown together. personally i saw a "freeze out"... a "cat-string" theory. and the fact that you are not to buy anything for the target is always standard. it's great that you're putting your shit out there, keep it coming.

04-2006-12, 08:21 AM
jawsome i sorta get wot u sayin for the first half but then im lost could u explain a bit more pls.

04-2006-12, 08:27 AM
Could you give your theory in "laymans terms"?

04-2006-12, 08:34 AM
If a girl is making a effort to spend time with you, (It dosent matter if it is in a sexual/romantic pretense or not), she is always fuckable.
If she will hook you up with baseball tickets if you ask she is fuckable.
If she will go out of her way to do ANYTHING for you even on friendly terms she is fuckable.
You can recover from any mistake I mean ANY MISTAKE in a pickup as long as you still have her making effort and investments to keep you talking to her on some capaticy. <------Thats investment theroy.
I am not saying recovering will be easy, but it is still do-able. As long as she is investing in you.

04-2006-12, 11:37 AM
Can you now say how to go from her investing to fucking her, this is my major concern with your theory.
I don't see how you can always go from having a true friendship with a girl to fucking her so easy, I have girls picking me up from my house and dropping me off but I'm just friends with them

04-2006-12, 11:54 AM
I agree.

04-2006-12, 12:23 PM
Agreed. There is something here, but little of it is new. We appreciate you makeing effort and this may be the guiding light some gent is looking for. Keep going Jaw. You're on path!

04-2006-12, 09:52 PM
Can you now say how to go from her investing to fucking her, this is my major concern with your theory.
I don't see how you can always go from having a true friendship with a girl to fucking her so easy, I have girls picking me up from my house and dropping me off but I'm just friends with them
Sarge them like normal. If they never do you any favors, its a lost cause.
edit- also keep in mind that you have to let her investments stack up a little before you should attempt to RESARGE a past failed target and reward her investments with Friendly fun so that she will associate fun with you and raise your social value.
I merely posted this theroy to provide insperation to people who have a one-itis or a past fuckup.
This investment thing is the only indicator I could think of that might tell someone if they still have hope with a paticular girl.

04-2006-13, 02:28 AM
ok well my friends girl friends comes round 2 my house alot i would say she is a hb8 ish and ill admit i would do her if she still come s rounds after they brake up is she fuckable??