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03-13-2006, 12:42 PM
This is probably the best product on approaching women. It is a little pricey but worth the price. They only made a small number so if you want it buy now or pay a lot on ebay after it is sold out. They cover a lot with approaching imposable sets, and show you how to do it. They showed an easy way to do mystery's compliance test where you steal a womans chair. I have been using this there way all weekend and it works great. First you open a full table set with any standard opener, then you say "I normally don't do this you want to see a magic trick" when they say yes you go to one of the women in set and say " give me your hand" when she does you say "stand up and spin her around" then you got her chair and you OOOOOOOOOOO I just stole your seat!!! with a look of surprise on your face. If she gets mad her friends will love it and she can't stay mad. the magic trick was stealing her chair
<a href=http://www.lovesystems.com/pickup-101>PickUp 101</a>

03-24-2006, 12:15 AM
Recently I attended Lance Mason's Art of Attraction workshop (http://www.lovesystems.com/pickup-101) in San Francisco.
I'll give the highlights, and try to compare/contrast with Mystery Method where appropriate.
Like a lot of workshops out there, this one lasts three days, includes field work with personal instruction, and costs quite a bit. I chose it because the dates worked well for me, I had a local friend I could stay with who had taken the workshop and recommended it, and because the daytime portions of the course feature a lot of exercises rather than just lecture/discussion.
I should add that the Art of Attraction workshop is primarily about the first three minutes. Comfort and seduction are brought up, but they are not what this workshop is about. I felt that three days to understand the first three minutes was barely sufficient. Also, let me spell out the underlying philosophy here starting with a simple example of what they're trying to do with participants. Smile, right now, and hold that smile for 30 seconds. The majority of people feel happier smiling given that the physical motion is associated with fun, happy feelings. Now, here, the idea is that if you learn to behave like a cool, attractive guy, standing and touching and smiling like cool, attractive guys, you will start feeling like one and this will become more and more natural until the practice becomes the reality.
I believe it, too. We had one instructor who made his first approach in late October, and he really knew his stuff. He easily picked up a HB out of a three set and number closed while we were waiting to get into a restaurant one night, and everything he said was dead on. He also gave advice to another participant, who noticed he was getting IOIs from a hot asian girl seated at a table with her seven friends, that let him pull her right out and isolate her outside for 15-20 minutes.
Back to the workshop. Friday and Saturday we started at noon and ran until 1AM or later, and there was another 6-8 hours of stuff on Sunday. There were a dozen students, and about four instructors for the daytime. The experience level of the students varied from essentially totally AFC, to several who had done other workshops and had some skills. Most of the day we did exercises in groups of four, each with its own instructor. I'm going to run down through some of the exercises we did here. The simpler exercises happened on Friday, with the more advanced ones Saturday and Sunday. A lot of the later exercises extended or combined earlier ones.
Using your hands: we practiced using our hands to hold someone's attention while looking at another member of the set.
Standing: we practiced standing the way cool, confident guys stand.
Walking/face: we practiced three different looks for entering a venue that would make good first impressions (sexy cool, smirking, most fun guy in the room).
Entering a set: we practiced opening angles, how to get the attention of a set without leaning in, and how to open the set to you and not get into their space in a bad way.
Storytelling: We practiced sharpening and telling stories, sometimes in association with an opener. We learned what elements make up a good story, and how to tell them.
Banter: this is something between cocky/funny lines and negs. An example is "You're bad girls, aren't you? I'm going to have to watch out for you." It's mostly about establishing frame and being the guy in charge, and being fun about it.
Kino: how to touch women (gently), when to touch women (early and often), etc. Also everyone in set really. How to use kino to test for attraction directly.
Isolation: a few easy body moves to manage an effective isolation that doesn't set off alarm bells.
Fashion: personalized advice about clothes, shoes, grooming for our own looks and environments we prefer to operate within.
Opening physically close sets: basically with kino. Effective.
Body language: we entered practice sets and were video taped, so an instructor could point out things we were doing good and bad and we could see them.
Building a routine stack: advice for combining openers, stories, and banter, with the advice to practice, practice, practice with the same ones until they were ours, then add more.
Opening difficult sets: seated sets, or sets where the target is surrounded by people you need to deal with to get close to the target.
Feedback from real girls: On Sunday, two girls hired out of the newspaper were brought in for us to open. After we ran a few minutes with them, they gave us feedback about what they liked and didn't like. I thought it was easier than with the guys in my group I'd been practicing with, at least at that point. They weren't nearly as critical as we were to each other, or our instructors were.
Okay, let me discuss the field work a bit. Extra part-time instructors were brought in for the field, and each instructor had two students. I thought this was perfect, since we basically learned winging in the field with the same guys we'd been working with. They also tried to match skill levels, and we had different instructors on the two nights. The first night was unusual, since it was St. Patrick's Day, and everyting was a madhouse and crowded. They advocate easy, quick warm-up sets to start with to get comfortable. Outside the door I opened a girl wearing a green shirt with "Are you Irish?" She immediately smiled and started in on how she was, etc., and then smiling I asked if I could kiss her, and then her friend when she declined. A fine, fun start. I probably opened about 30 sets that night, winged a handful of others, with some nice results and also a few blow outs. I opened seated sets, walking sets, mixed sets. Hell, in one bar my instructor pointed out a mixed two set and told me the guy wasn't doing well with the girl and sent me in. I just went up, ignored him as I opened her, and he wandered off after a minute. I got blown out several times -- once really badly and I can laugh about it now. I had opened a seated three set, talked to them a few minutes, and was advised to try a certain special Irish drink (a carbomb). I decided to go get one, and reenter the set. After I reentered (and had to pull up a second chair as a new guy was in the one I had pulled up and then left open!), I asked one of the girls if she was having fun and she replied that she had been...until I showed up. Ouch. I told them I was just out to have fun and wished them a good evening in a way that would maintain some social proof. No one watching would know I'd been blown out that badly. Made up for it in the very next set that went well. My wing and I talked to them for 10-15 minutes before we exited, and then our instructor went and talked to them about how we did! They said we could have number closed in another 30 minutes, but I don't think it would have taken THAT long. With all the crowded street sarging, I was using situational openers, and opening everything I saw. No fear, just fun. The instructor opened a couple of sets (number closed a blonde HB8.5 and was smooth to watch in action). I had one number close that was ironically after I was finished for the night (but is a PUA ever finished?). I spent a half hour trying to get a cab out a bit after 1 AM. There were no cabs. The whole city was trying to get home. I got opened by a drunk guy about sharing a cab. Turned out that he and his drunk girlfriend had a cute single female friend they were staying with that night in the same part of the city I was headed for. She was from Wales, and had an awesome accent that I loved. We spent the next 90 minutes walking out until we could get a cab. This almost killed me, as I'd picked up new shoes that morning and hadn't anticipated so much walking. I didn't say anything about it until she noticed me limping several miles into our death march. She gave me her number and suggested we have breakfast, but I didn't make it since I had to get back for day two of the workshop.
The second night of the field work we hit some trendy bars in the Marina area. I didn't do as well here, and in part I think this had to do with my plan. I wanted fewer, higher quality sets, and I wanted to work my routine stack which didn't feel natural yet. The crowded, louder enviroment was tougher. I didn't get blown out, but I also didn't feel like I hit any home runs. I did have a few nice experiences. One thing Lance had talked about that day (there is a little bit of lecturing) were advanced problems to deal with that were hard to practice for. This one involved how to avoid interference (e.g., a girlfriend breaking into your set and telling everyone to come dance). The advice was about how to watch the eyes and body language to see when someone is coming up, and to greet the new person and immediately put them in your frame. I was with a seated girl, who I had seen with friends earlier but was alone when I approached. I knew when her friends came back, turned, greeted them, then returned to my target. They left us alone. It was cool. I was also exhausted relatively early, but had one of the instructors take me around and point out different sets and what you could read from their body language.
There were both group debriefings as well as individual debriefings. Our instructors on the last day gave us advice about what they thought each of us personally should be working on after the workshop.
Pickup 101 does do a bit of the hard sell on following up with their Art of Rapport workshop, which includes day game and direct approaches. Money, and especially time, is an issue for me right now, or I'd take it. Some of the guys who had taken both Art of Attraction and Mystery Method liked both workshops. They thought Art of Attraction would be better to start with, but that Mystery Method was great for pulling a lot of things together, and recommended both.
I liked my fellow classmates, my instructors, and Lance Mason. I can highly recommend the workshop and it really made many things clear to me that I'd been unaware of, or didn't understand completely, from reading PUA ebooks and websites. These guys knew their stuff and could all approach and pickup easily and naturally. They never talked bad about any other competing workshops, and just went on their strengths. If you want to focus on attraction and physical exercises, this is your workshop. If you want more theory and deeper understanding of the underlying principles and a bigger picture view, other workshops may be better.

03-24-2006, 12:14 PM
He had a live-in girlfriend (hot of course) who helped with a couple of exercises. I saw him do one set with her in tow, looking to pick up a second girl. I gather he manages this at least semi-regularly.
He doesn't teach this subject, but Lance is one of the leading threesome experts in the field along with David Shade, Savoy and Toecutter.

04-12-2006, 06:11 AM
Dislclaimer - I am an unpaid member of the Mystery Method staff. I own the MM ebook and subscribe to pickup101's monthly silver VIP program.
I had the priviledge of attending an introductory two hour seminar at pickup101's Project San Francisco site on April 9th. I have a deep understanding of the differences between the pickup101 and MM approaches to seduction from watching the hidden video clip and listening to Lance's presentation.
First is the fifteen minute video of Lance opening a day set in San Francisco and timebridging his target in under fifteen minutes. This was decent game using a lot of stock material and some standard pickup101 tools.
He opens with kino and a situational opinion opener, stacks into jealous girlfriend, a verbal false time constraint and some playful banter (similiar to negs in playfulness without the disqualification angle). Isolates his target, runs a cold read on being creative and stacks into the cube. Timebridges to a dinner party, gets her number and leaves.
After this, he walks through some high level concepts of the pickup101 mindset and what they currently offer. Several veterans of their Art of Attraction/Art of Rapport workshops were present for testimonials. The number one thing I noticed from these students was enthusiasm.
Every student there was completely fired up from the IMMEDIATE results they gained from the workshops. One student demonstrated (on Lance's girlfriend) techniques he learned EARLIER THAT DAY from the Art of Rapport.
I ran into one of their students in field gaming a pair of lesbians. He was smooth, comfortable and having a good time. His target eventually said 'your making my girlfriend jealous' in between giggles.
This brings me to the big difference between Mystery Method and pickup101. Pickup101 teaches you exercises in kino, body language, appearance, storytelling and playful banter. You get IMMEDIATE results in your ability to open sets and generate attraction. What you DO NOT get (near as I can tell) is a model of seduction. ie, you get A1 and A2 ONLY. None of the students I talked to were getting laid, but they WERE getting dates and their fulfillment and happiness was through the roof.
Compare that to MM, where new students are frustrated and pissed for the next three months but getting laid by the six month mark. BIG DIFFERENCE. If opening is an issue for you, or you feel you could VASTLY improve on it, I HIGHLY recomend the art of attraction workshop.
Keep in mind they are NOT presenting a comprehensive model of seduction. Getting laid is not THE FOCUS of their workshop. It IS the focus of MM. Ideally, take BOTH. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Lance's material, but the material I saw and the skill of their NEW students gave me new respect for pickup101.
Summary. If you can only take one workshop, take MM. If you can afford two, take MM AND The Art of Attraction. If your A3-S3 game is TIGHT but your open sucks, take Art of Attraction.
Happy Hunting

04-12-2006, 10:22 AM
...Pickup101, are did you see guys, or did they talk about, having improvements in approach anxiety? This is my number 1 issue every time I go out. It's nonsensical, but there it is...
I met guys ranging from two weeks to a year after their Art of the Approach Workshop. NONE of them suffer from approach anxiety they can't overcome. They all have it. Hell, Sinn and Future said they stomp on the floor and swear for five minutes before entering venue because they have it bad.
Seeing the techniques Lance teaches first hand, I HIGHLY recomend their course if you suffer from AA. The body language exercise and constant drilling of material provide INSTANT results that diminish AA.

...MM addressing A3-S3. Is a fair amount of time spent on this in the workshop/bootcamps?...
A3-S3 is given an entire day of discussion. None of it is pushed in field, although the instructors will demonstrate A3 if asked. Demonstrating this doesn't accomplish much - you can't hear the instructors in venue.

...How intercompatible are they? E.g., Using PU101 for your A1-A3 stuff, transitioniong to MM for C1-S3...
100% compatible. Everything lance teaches can be grafted onto your existing MM game to improve it. Which is unusual. Most other schools of PU replace MM. Pickup101 enhances it. They also offer an art of rapport workshop to cover advanced comfort material. I don't know anything about it except they push students in field during day time venues like Safeway and Walgreens.

04-12-2006, 12:02 PM
I too recommend Pickup101.com in addition to MM.
These are the only 2 workshops I recommend for anybody.
What Pickup101 likes to do is mail all the lecture material for you
to study up on, And when you get to the workshop you actually
do reps of what you studied.
So you learn theory at home before attending the workshop and practice it for real at the workshop.
Maybe something down the road for MM folks. Because doing the seminar
lecture and then doing the workshop in the field is very exhausting.

04-12-2006, 12:57 PM
I'd like to agree with Cedar here and expand on it just a bit...
Disclaimer: I took a long time deciding which of the two courses I was going to take, the MM with Sinn or the Pickup101. Both I feel would have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish however I am very glad I chose Pickup101 as my first seminar. I completed it a few weeks ago and was very happy with it.
Pickup101 and MM are definitely compatible, in fact AMAZINGLY so. The difference, for me, was that I could learn a lot of the MM model and techniques from a book and then polish them by going to a seminar. The Pickup101 seminar focused almost exclusively on body language, approach techniques and other things that I'm not as good at and could NOT learn from a book. They teach you why and how to communicate through subtext and body language. Why do you think the flossing opener works?
This is why I took it first and why I plan on taking MM second. I found MM and went through the newbie mission. I did it, I screwed up tons of times and made a little progress but I had some very fundamental flaws that were giving me bad results that just CANNOT be realized through text. I knew I needed to learn how to open the right way or at least change my mindframe. Opening opens the doors for me to practice and learn C1-S3 on my own. If I can't get past opening I'll never practice. So I chose Pickup101 after going and meeting the guys and realizing why it worked.
My inner game is fairly strong though. I know I'm an incredibly interesting person and I have a TON going for me. I met a few guys during the workshop that aren't this confident. For them, just working on opening will only open the door, they still need to walk through and close it. Basically I didn't feel I needed to work on C1-S3 as much... if you are the type of person who needs the whole package, MM might be better for you.
I had a lot of one on one and two on one instruction, including a full night with one of the instructors. Seriously this put me 6 months ahead of where I would have been just from one night and I'm now improving faster than I could have. If you want to ask me questions about the seminar I'd be happy to answer, just PM me if they're specific.
I have no doubt if either of these were a weeklong course they'd overlap almost the entire way, they just have different focuses. Depending on what you need is where you should go.

04-12-2006, 09:47 PM
I just purchased pickup 101s huge dvd set .. it was everything lance mason knew about a1-a3... i talked to one of their guys actually the other day second time i talked with him and told him that i started with mystery method but liked alot of there stuff too...their problem i think is they dont have a good set up... mystery which i learned from talking to the guy is a huge chess player so the systems are set up alittle differently but run together really well from the experimenting i have been doing about 4 weeks of it...a really hard concept for me is the neg vs the banter... their banter is like being funny and playful... and a neg as i think we all should have read was described in that awesome post in the best of archive.
I have really enjoyed bring alot of there stuff into my game...
for example they give a story theory on how stories should be structured for what type of rapport you want and i just parallel those to where i am in my mm model...
pickup 101 is awesome stuff and lances body language dvd has really helped out...big fan of sensei
Just to add the mm instructors swapped out and taught pickup 101 instructors the other weekend and vice versa i heard it was really cool and everyone learned alot and found out alot of similarities...

04-12-2006, 11:40 PM
If you want the complete package from Pickup101, A1-S3, you need to take three workshops: Art of Attraction, Art of Rapport, and Art of Seduction. The Art of Rapport workshop also includes things like running daygame.
You drill the heck out of opening in AoA, and it does help with AA. And while it's perhaps not possible to cure AA, I have to say that in my youthful AFC days, I had massive AA that included a dread of public speaking so deep my voice quivered and my hands shook even thinking about it. Today I lecture all the time and rarely have much AA.
As I said in the review above, a few of the guys I took AoA with had done MM workshops, and recommended AoA first and MM later to put together the whole deal.
I'm personally still struggling with the discipline to build/practice a single routine stack and sarge regularly enough to own it. That's my fault, and a major reason my cold approaches haven't been moving too well. Where the AoA work is having immediate and constant success is with appearing fun and cool all the time. I just got asked out today by a woman for the first time I can remember since well before my failed marriage. I got big IOIs from a HB8.5 at a party on Sunday and number closed her without actively trying to game her (but found out she's a friend's girlfriend and won't call her). The body language/kino/banter stuff sank in well.
I know the whole package is going to take me a lot of time and effort, but I learned things at AoA that are going to be good and useful and stuck with me.
Still may do a MM workshop, or another pickup101 workshop, when I get the chance.

04-17-2006, 06:30 AM
I got their attraction CDs and I must say, while I was expecting more, I was happy with the product.
Their banter concept is very good actually. It basically brings together a lot of the stuff that everyone else talks about and gives it a broader name. On the CD Lance runs through three examples of using the same banter lines, on on Sean who is represrnting a nice, average and bitchy girl. These banter lines basically SPARK the playful interactions and then he stacks to different things depending on how the girl responds. He actually uses the "how do you roll with this girl" neg right after the banter line in one of them.
Basically the banter line is a way to immediately switch the interaction to playful teasing at the drop of a hat and then you can use future adventure projection, negging, push/pull anythign you want.

05-17-2006, 01:42 PM
Do you guys get their monthly interviews or VIP membership?
Sounds interesting to me at least. I may subscribe for a bit.
For the record I own alot of David D stuff and Mystery but no pickup101 as of yet.
I'm in the VIP thing, and cancelling. The VIP forum is barely active, and the monthly shipments aren't sufficiently valuable. Also returning their Surfire Attraction Secrets. Too piecemeal.
Are they valuable? Yes. Worth the money? No. Lance is a very sharp marketer, and part of their business strategy is to release the method one little piece at a time. That's why they stopped sending out that DVD package they offered briefly (a rough equivalent to the MM DVD series). It was too comprehensive.
Their training programs look great (body language and kino material in particular look killer), it's just their business model requires multiple trips to SF and a monthly subscription to learn it. That's just not reasonable, so I'm off to Ann Arbor when CA has their next clam bake.

05-26-2006, 05:34 PM
Nothing too impressive.

06-11-2006, 10:08 AM
I am going to have to give this one a thumbs down. It is their first video production and much like the original dyd you can tell Lance is nervous and thus over compensating. It is a short video (less then an hour) and it predominately features Lance and two other people (not from PU101). I, personally, dont like the way Lance did things in this video. For example, he teaches this guy how to take up more space and then ask him how it feels, when the guy replies with something that Lance DIDN'T want to hear Lance corrects him and basically passively aggressively gets the guy to say what Lance wanted to hear. This is unfortunate because it is so obvious and kind of wrecks Lance's credability IMO (as far as how he responds to things he doenst want to hear).
Also you can tell when he is doing some practice work with the woman she is clearly very beta and looking to him for direction (as far as how he wants her to respond in terms of "does this comfortable", etc.
If you have time and money to burn and haven't covered the DYD Body Language seminar already this might be helpful. If not then you will probably end up like me; wanting an hour of my life back :rolleyes:

06-11-2006, 10:17 AM
A friend of mine lent me this (I do not know if it is a product, a podcast, or a teleconference) and IT IS GOLD. I learned so much from it that I actually plan on listening to it a few more times. Lance has a very good understanding of the nuances of day game and the little tricks and tactics that actually make or break the interaction. For example he talks about how, in a supermarket for example, you just can't run the opener "hey do you know the name of that song that goes we can dance if we want to." However if you open with her "hey do you know what kind of spices I need to make xyz meal" and she responds "yes blah blah blah" and you go "oh awesome, you're hired you're like my official spice advisor (he didnt say exactly that, I made it up, but it is very similar) that because she will now laugh you have permission to run your opener. The subtleties of the interaction have changed.
And, yes boys and girls, he covers gym pickups! That's right, the all elusive gym pickup. He actually has some brilliant lines and tactics.
I have gone through quite a bit of theory and material and at this point I am happy if i get one thing out of whatever I am studying, I actually got so much out this mp3 set I will have to listen a few more times to it to fully absorb it. BIG BIG BIG Thumbs UP

06-18-2006, 11:54 PM
I am going to have to give this one a thumbs down. It is their first video production and much like the original dyd you can tell Lance is nervous and thus over compensating. It is a short video (less then an hour) and it predominately features Lance and two other people (not from PU101). I, personally, dont like the way Lance did things in this video. For example, he teaches this guy how to take up more space and then ask him how it feels, when the guy replies with something that Lance DIDN'T want to hear Lance corrects him and basically passively aggressively gets the guy to say what Lance wanted to hear. This is unfortunate because it is so obvious and kind of wrecks Lance's credability IMO (as far as how he responds to things he doenst want to hear).
Also you can tell when he is doing some practice work with the woman she is clearly very beta and looking to him for direction (as far as how he wants her to respond in terms of "does this comfortable", etc.
If you have time and money to burn and haven't covered the DYD Body Language seminar already this might be helpful. If not then you will probably end up like me; wanting an hour of my life back :rolleyes:
you're right. the production of this DVD and his lack of experience on video were very apparent. before sending this DVD out, Lance had made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that it sucked, but that it contained very important information. prior to this, i had studied and gathered a LOT of great info from DYD's Body Language series, and i'll agree in that after watching Lance's DVD, i was pretty disappointed.
here's the funny thing: in retrospect, besides Mystery's important kino escalation, i found the DYD product to be WAY too long and drawn out (these days, i tend to feel that way about most DYD products, but it's all good stuff). and whenever i look back at what critical points to be aware of and focus on when i'm checking my body, i hear Lance's voice, and i visualize the main examples he provided (albeit the odd way it was presented was quite amusing).
so all those hours i put into watching DYD's Body Language DVD were easily replaced by less than ONE hour of Lance's simple, practical presentation. in fact, it was only through Lance's explanation that i really started to hone into physiological aspects. maybe i missed this in David D's version, but i definitely didn't get this out of that product. for me, this was absolutely CRUCIAL. and as a teacher myself, this concept has really had an impact on my drum students when it comes to posture and how they feel when they play.
i dont have a lot of time, but i'll scour the earth for all the info i can afford. when it comes to value and practicality, i've found Lance's and Pickup101's products to be the most efficient at getting the most important concepts and key points across.
peace out bitchas ;)

08-07-2006, 10:26 PM
I got the Attraction Secrets set and I think one of the VIP packages before I cancelled. I think this product depends upon what level your at. If your a relative beginner, the Attraction Secrets set is probably one of the best investments you can make.
Lance REALLY knows his stuff and all the CDs deliver ALOT of content and it's pretty straightforward. To me it's a pretty simplified version of Mystery Method, with some variations (e.g. much less emphasis on canned material and much less push/pull tactics). This is a good thing.
If your more advanced and already getting laid, you may find some nuggets of gold, but you probably won't get as much value as if you were a beginner.

08-26-2006, 07:52 AM
I just signed up for Pickup 101's AoA. I am just reading this thread (that I never saw before), even though I already signed up, and wondering: a lot of people are talking about AA, and how AoA helped them with AA. I don't really have a problem with opening. My problem is everything that comes after opening. Do you still think AoA is the right workshop for me? (I hope so, now that I'm already signed up :))
Anyone here taken AoA that was good at opening before? Any feedback.

Johnny Death
09-28-2006, 12:31 AM
So the VIP Lounge is pretty sweet. It's kind of like this board, but the PU101 instructors and master instructors (including Lance once in a while) are on it pretty often, and there's a forum specifically for asking instructors for help (and responses are usually quite timely). There are also forums for upcoming events and VIP freebies, including free seminars.
Overall, I'd certainly recommend signing up for this, except for the price. It's cool that you get a free trial membership when you buy a PU101 product, but I don't see myself sticking around once my trial expires unless I decide to buy something else.

Johnny Death
10-13-2006, 02:37 AM
This program is gold if you already have a clear understanding of MM. It presents information in bits and pieces through recorded teleconferences, where each covers a particular aspect of Pickup 101's method (which seems to me like MM with banter). The "Playful Banter" CD is particularly strong, with many examples of banter lines and how to deliver them. Earlier tonight, I field tested one of Lance's banter lines—taken verbatim from the disc—on an HB8 and her friends and got a very strong and positive reaction, which also allowed me to stack it into MM's "How do you guys roll with her?" neg for another strong reaction.
Anyway, ordering the product also gets you a free month of VIP membership (which is so-so; their Lounge is more or less like this forum), along with some bonus materials—one of which is "Day Game Secrets," which fad3r was talking about a few posts earlier—that teach you about The Cube and some other stuff.
I'd definitely recommend this program. The bonuses alone are worth the money.

10-19-2006, 08:47 AM
Johnny Death's review is talking about the Surefire Attraction Secrets package. I agree that in conjunction with the freebies it was a really valuable product. Banter is HUGE, and the banter CD helped me get a better understanding of this. The CD on opening is great too-stuff you will not get anywhere else-listen to this CD 10 times, and you will have a whole new view on opening:
The first impression happens before you even realize it. A women may notice you when you walk into the bar, even though it takes you 5 minutes to notice her. How you walk in to the bar is just as essential a part of your game as how you walk up to her. The CD on opening covers all this stuff.
And, yes this product is about attraction A1-A3, not comfort/rapport.
On a general note, (I just finished a PU101 workshop) I think Pickup101 and MM mix wonderfully together. By learning both methods, you will get the best of both worlds. Use MM to learn the structure, (the M3 model), and use PU101 to learn how to bring out the most attractive parts of yourself.

09-27-2007, 04:36 PM
Got the "Dress For Success With Women" (the latest of the Pickup 101 Products (http://www.lovesystems.com/pickup-101)) featuring Lance Mason book and DVD set from PickUp 101 yesterday, and I am totally disgusted. It's a 3 dvd set with supposedly all the info you'll ever need to attract the babes :D Anyway, the first 2 discs are just common-knowledge stuff. The most valuable info there is his discussion of "good" jeans. Search for 7 for all mankind, diesel, and AG elsewhere on this forum for that info. The third disc is 5 guys he gives his fashion advice to. Basically, he tells them all to get a "good" pair of jeans and accessorise. Gee, thanks a lot, Lance. :p The book is a slim 65 pages that is just a word by word transcript of the dvd's. And the piece de resistance: You get a free fashion consultation from Lance himself. Of course, this is the guy who reminds you several times throughout the session about his Italian shirts, but yet the sleeves are too short, the buttons are puckered because they are too tight, and he doesn't even notice. :confused: And you get all this great, sage advice for the low, low price of only $197. :mad: I'll definitely be getting the refund for this one, folks. On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate this product: 0.

04-24-2008, 09:31 PM
:Dhey guys i just picked up the PickUp 101 - Charismatic Conversations dvd's. Although i have only seen 4of the 12 dvd's all i can say is there are f#@ken cool because they have a whole bunch of demonstrations and u well also have a laugh or two. i only recommend this to guys that feel they lose attraction too fast or they have a problem with running out of things to say. one thing i like alot is that they expecify how important is banter and the tonality of your voice by giving examples.