View Full Version : Can you LJBF a girl and try to game her in future?

04-11-2006, 08:00 PM
I want some opinions on my situation, so this girl whos been intirested in me for awhile now and was willing to go for some romance despite her bf, but things got little bit not how I wanted them to go, and her drama with her bf got in our way, so without waiting to hear ljbf (I never got it from her thats why I thought I can go on with her) and shit like this, I just told her, that I took things little bit too serious and led her into whole thing(no i didnt have sex with her even when i had a chance,heavy making out and ocasional kisses thats all but still), so basicly I told her, lets stay where we are for right now, and I let her do her own thing, and I told her I dont want to be her "second man" so pretty much I said fuck It,enjoy your bf, but its not what I wanted all along... I wanted to make her my gf because of her really really fucked up relationship she is not supposed to be in and seeing her as great girl,If you can call that, she was basicly a hollaback girl for this one dude she is with.
I want to get with her again, if i cant pull this one ill let it go but if i can i wont miss a chance too, so is it possible to game her in future, since I ejected first from whole thing? The only reason I went for the chick with bf is just she is great in person and good looking too, i really enjoyed all this time spending with her...
any ideas?

04-11-2006, 10:53 PM
Be careful about one-itis with this one. Keep in mind that there is nothing special about her, she's just another chick among thousands, as far as a PUA is concerned.
If you still want to game her for whatever reason in the future, you should cut her off for an extended period (months generally). This will reset most emotions you've both felt towards eachother, and any bad feelings will have most likely been forgotten.
My suggestion however, is keep her as a friend, and have her be a pivot. If she is still interested in you, that will show when she is around you. Easy social proof.
Hope this helps!