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04-2006-11, 05:18 PM
As Zan said in the cliffs list convention - women were once little girls - getting read fairy tales, watching disney movies etc. the plot line for these stories consistently was beautiful princess with a seemingly perfect life missing one thing - love/prince a conflict consisting of an ugly villain etc one of my comfort building routines is based on this i say to her.
Here let me tell you a bedtime story i can tell this anywhere - walking down the street in the bedroom on the couch, at coffee or even over the phone.
i tell her the story of either jack the giant killer where she is the final damsel at the end and i am jack recuing damsel after damsel but never finding the right one i always use our names in the story so it becomes Ken the giant killer (my real name is ken) i also have the huntsman and the three giants and rapunzel it keeps us talking for quite a while nd it something that a guy has never done for her.
one of the girls i was with last week asked me what my earliest memory was that was good comfort building too.
i still use the cube nd styles ev.
some more of my own stuff tho.
"omg guys suck. i mean today i came up this guy nd i was like hey man how was your weekend and he said yeh man it was fricking awesome i hit this nasty piece nd left in the morning before she even woke up. nd i was there like omg! nd he was like what did u do nd i was like well i met this girl nd we had a good connection nd hes like yeh but did u fuck her nd im like no i just wanted to get to know her he was really disrespectful made my ears hurt."
(im still working on it buts it hasn't ruined nething yet lol)
another one that ive pretty much got solid.
"There's this girl i'm seeing at the moment but for some reason she always tries to share me with her friends nd i was talking to her friend natalie nd she wasn't feeling too good and then she had to go offline so she called me nd she was going into how beautiful i was making her feel just from talking to me, nd i felt so fulfilled at the moment, nd then a friend of mine whos a bit of playa sent me a txt which read "as i write this i am getting head off two hot brunettes nd a hot blonde is kissing me" (THAT WAS ICEMAN BTW GUYS) nd i was like "well then" *pauses for effect* but then i thought about what would be more fulfilling for me in the long term nd it was that one phone call with that one girl when she was accrediting her good emotions to me that was a real defining moment in my life."
Another Routine
"I don't think i've ever believed this or said this to anyone before but there's something about you - have you ever seen beautifully sculptured statues from a distance look flawless but if u look at it closer you can see cracks nd imperfections - you are the only person i have ever met who becomes more beautiful the closer i look at you"
One Liner Type Thing
"look this is my frame for relationships i am only ever exclusively with the girl that i find is the most interesting and the most compelling, there is no me looking to other people or cheating because i only want to be with her, that's why i'm with her, ive never needed to accept second best."
Another One Liner Type Thing
"I'm only going to be with a girl that on what level im with her i would like to be with again I don't need flings or one night stands when I can have quality in my life"
ill bring more as it comes - ive really sort of stepped into the way i'm living life so these arent techniques to me anymore they're things that flow from my internal aspects and they're the ones i can remember which just came out so more will come.