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12-18-2008, 11:08 AM
hey guys, i need ur help here...it's not a field report and the phone game hasnt even started... but i think this is the appropriate section for this post...

I went to a karaoke last friday, and towards the end of the night (the first hours of saturday) I went on stage and i saw this girl HB9 seated in one of the front row tables... and i said, "hey you, sing with me"

and she immediately complied, she jumped on stage and we started singing i put my arm around her shoulder and she put hers around my waist..

when the music had pauses, we made some small talk (she started) and when the song finished she started asking me questions (interview mode: how often do u come here, why i havent seen u here before etc etc etc) i think that was an IOI however we were interrupted by the MC coz there was another person ready to sing, so we went off stage and we talked on the way to her table. Since somebody was already singing it was uncomfortable to talk so I just said 'see u in a bit' and went back to my table.

well to be honest the person singing was not the only obstacle (in my mind) but the fact she was with a large group and i still do not have any experience opening big groups... what should i've done here? open them or wait for her to introduce me since we already sang together and that can count as social proof? They were like 12 people, men and women... and i chickened out and decided to wait for another opportunity to talk to her.

15 mins later one of the girls in my set was feeling bad (too much zambuka) and we decided to call it a night before she did something embarrassing... while they brought us the bill i went to this girl's table (HB9) and said:

Me: I'd love to sing with you another one but we gotta go, why don't you gimme ur number and we probably have a duet anytime soon? (the whole talk was in spanish)

She gave me her number with a very friendly attitude and i miss called her "for you to have my number too" (i wanted ot make sure it wasnt a fake number) --- it was a real number.

The thing is that after that i went away from saturday til this morning (thursday) and completely forgot to text her or call her, everytime i remembered about it it was already too late or not a good time to do it...

I wonder whether is it worth to pursue this and call her or txt her? or is it too late and i will come across as a needy guy trying to set up a date for tomorrow friday?

the whole interaction with her went naturally, i was not thinking "i already built attraction, its time for comfort" ---everything was too fast and i dont have a clue what stage we are at, if at all...

if you think i should give it a try, can u gimme some hints on what to say/txt her considering the brief interaction we had?