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12-17-2008, 11:38 AM
hey guys, this whole past weekend ive been sarging, ive gone to 5 malls, ive gone to book stores, coffee shops.
i noticed my game getting better.. i open sometimes with direct.. im only 18 i cant go to bars and clubs yet, unless i use my bros id.. so its mostly day game. a lot of direct openers to get into my sets.. ive noticed after i opened a set ll just throw out whatever im thinking.. it might be about the clothes they wear, how packed the mall is, what are good stores to go to, blah blah blah..

this is where im having trouble...

this is a set i opened and ran game threw..

i was walking around a corner of the mall and i saw this girl looking at me(hb8) and she was talking to some guy at this booth.. i kept walking and i saw on the corner of my eyes she turned around and started walking behind me, i stoped to pretend to look at a book.(lol to let her catch up.. i let her take a fiew steps infront of me ) i started walking up to her, and i realized she had a pet mouse on her shoulder! this was gonna be a good one.. this is how it all went
( we were walking the whole time, after the opener, back to her store)
Me: im sorry, but i would have had to kick myself if i didnt come and say hi to your friend:)
HB: oh, lol his name is charlie:)
Me: Hi! ( and i waved)
HB: do you want to touch him?
Me: sure, (dirty rat thing, fucking grose, i had to touch it because it just made my frame stronger)
Hb: aww he likes you!
Me: wow, he remindes me of my pet lizzard i have, his name is trogdore, (now this is where i started to loose my frame!!)
Hb: What?? :)
Me: so where are some good stores in this mall?? ive never been here b4
Hb: why? where are you from??
Me: im from toronto im just down here because my friend wanted to get our recording done for our band..
Hb: you have a band?! thats sick. what kind of music do you play?
Me: we play punk rock
Hb: oh, thats what i listen to:)
Me: yeah, so where would i find the good stores?? point me in the direction?
Hb: i work here, this is my store, its an all guy store.
Me: if its an all guy store then why are you working here??? hmm, are you not telling me something?? :D lol
Hb: (Lauging so hard) No no no! :) they let girls work here too.
Me: okay well im not going in because i have to go find my friends,, but i really liked talking to you, lets talk again.. (i poped out my phone and handed it to her, she put her number in and i got hers)
Me: whats your name???
Hb: michelle
Me: michelle??? you look more of a brittney :)
Hb: and yours???
Me: do you have a number?? (her phone was in her hand the whole time... :|)
Hb: im only holding my phone! lol :D
Me: oh yeah i know, but do you have a number?
Hb: hehe, yeah its blah blah
Me: okay cool. i have to go now, you made me loose my friends jerk! :) ( i have her a little push after i said it)
Hb: im sorry:(
Me: its okay ill make you feel better come here give me a hug.
Hb: complied, after we hugd i went my way and she went in her store.

i feel that at times during our convo it kinda started to drift into a silence, and i remembered to just keep talking, and i did..

how is that?? is that pretty much solid? or anythign wrong??

12-17-2008, 01:58 PM
well done fellow aspiring PUA ! you have improved alot, you got some good IOI`s Hb: why? where are you from?? and your Kino was also effective but try to work on your Negs and Non verbal communication(body language,tonality etc)
i am new to the community myself but trying to improve my game too.