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04-11-2006, 01:42 PM
Someone asked me about time bridges in a PM. It occurred to me that I would like to hear some more examples from other PUAs. Here is mine. Post yours too. Please, no BS. Only post hypothetical samples, based on your EXPERIENCE not your imagination.
Here's a typical conversation:
PUA "I've enjoyed getting to know you. What steps can we take to continue this?"
HB "I don't know."
PUA "Do you know the Coffee shop on the corner of Fifth and Market? I'll be there around 1 o'clock tomorrow, in between errands. Why don't you meet me there? You can but me a cup of espresso and we'll continue this conversation."
HB "I can't. I have to work then."
PUA "Ok." Back turn and start to leave. Then pause, turn around without returning to her side.

PUA "When are you free this week?"

HB "Ummm. I'm off on Thursday."
PUA " What time?"

HB "I go to the gym at 4, otherwise I'll just be running errands."
PUA "Well, I have a few appointments that day, but I'll meet you around eleven. See you then." Turn and walk away.

You have to be willing to have her not show up, in order for this strategy to work. There is a risk of her having a last minute reason to not come, even if she wants to. That's ok. You want her in your frame, this is a great way to do it.
Women are very attuned to 'timing'. It's a concept related to fate, that they use to describe the circumstances in which love may or may not have a chance to happen. Operating under that frame is good, especially when you establish it.
If you've generated enough attraction, she'll show up. If she has even the slightest concern that something will prevent her from making the date, she will give you her phone number, just in case. She'll have to follow you and stop you from leaving in order to give it to you. Which is a good thing.
Remember that women are greatly influenced by social obligation. By setting up an obligation without making a direct commitment of her, you are reinforcing the 'social' aspect of your interaction.
When the Day2 occurs, you should be in set and DHVing when she arrives, in order to generate social proof.

04-11-2006, 05:06 PM
Please, no BS. Only post hypothetical samples, based on your EXPERIENCE not your imagination.

I couldnt help but laugh at my screen when I read this!!
Ok I use 2 methods, direct and indirect. Which one I use depends on a the caliabration of the set and how Im feeling at the time.
Example of direct:
Jester: hey I was driving in town earlier today and I saw this circus, they have dancing monkeys that ride on tigers, Im so gonna go on saturday you should come with me!
She will only say 2 things to this yes or no. If she says no I dont try and change her mind, I just move to indirect mode and/or go onto the next on my list.
Example of indirect:
Jester: blah blah blah Man Ive got a busy weekend on, what have you got planned for the next couple of days?
HB: ive got blah blah blah
Jester: Cool, hey Ive heard that they have this new show on at the museum, you should come down with me.
To be honest this normally works the best, but sometimes I just feel like going in for the kill straight away.
Before I ever suggest anything I always check around in the local newspaper etc to see what is happening, and then align things to do to what has come out that she is interested in in A3. There is no point asking her to go rock climbing if shes not sporty. Preparation is really the key finding out what is happening and then pumping the shit out of it and overselling it so that it sounds interesting, this helps with me to stop flakes as well, although sometimes it does still happen.

04-11-2006, 06:42 PM
Ok I use 2 methods, direct and indirect. Which one I use depends on a the caliabration of the set and how Im feeling at the time.

I agree with jester here. It depends on the situation as to how i time bridge.
usually the best way i time bridge is in conversation i look for similarities between her and myself demographically.
For example on one sarge I met a girl who went to uni around the corner from my house so I insinuated that we get together for coffee after she finished uni one day and she accepted.

04-28-2006, 12:58 AM
I'd like to revisit this topic.

04-28-2006, 01:12 AM
Just let me check?.... i'll be free to post on sunday ;)
For real though i will be back to post on this topic.
I find it a very important technique to have down.

05-01-2006, 01:59 PM
From my recent experiences, I think that regardless of how you time bridge in sense of wether you use direct or indirect, if you ask her to coffee, sky diving or a trip to the moon, what it all really comes down to is how well your attraction stages went. Whenever my attraction stages havent gone as well as I know they should or could have the girl has flaked.
If you have attracted well and been using FTC as you should do then the time bridge will happen naturally. She will know that your about to leave and will want things to continue so she can feel all warm and fuzzy again. When you offer anything she will jump at the chance.
This also comes down to putting a price on yourself and your time.

05-01-2006, 02:11 PM
I like too timebridge with an event that demonstrates one of the qualities you both are attracted to each other for. For instance if we have talked about my favorite artist and she talks about hers then I would invite her to come see my art or to a showing of similar art. I often do this with music " i'd love for you hear some stuff I wrote let's go to a music store and i'll play some stuff and you can tell me what you think" Sorta making the timebridge congruent with our interaction while still keeping a level of attraction going

05-01-2006, 03:13 PM
It depends how you go in the initial sarge as to what kind of activity you time bridge to. I believe it depends strongly on how much comfort you have built. If i only reach A3 for some reason I try to stay away from one on one encounters because I dont believe there is enough comfort in the relationship. So I insinuate meet up with friends:
PUA: You go to Cargo Bar? I love that place.
Her: Yeh Im going on Friday night with my girlfriends.
PUA: No way, I was thinking of going this week.
And then meet her there. Another strategy would be to make contact with her by phone to build as much comfort as you need before setting up a one on one time bridge.
Personally, I dont believe that there are things we SHOULDNT do for time bridges anymore. I used to think, DONT take a girl to the movies, or DONT take her out for dinner. After some thought and experience I now feel that every situation is different. Besides, every event chosen for the time bridge has a good and bad effect. For example...going to the movies....not much conversation and risk of her feeling uncomfortable. The good thing though is the chance to iniate kino if you havent already and of course escalate a little.
An example where this might be useful is ifyou got to A3 in the sarge. Used phone game to build enough comfort but for obvious reasons you didnt iniate kino because you were on the phone. So in conclusion every situation should be looked at in deciding what to do when you time bridge and the pros and cons of that event as well.

05-01-2006, 04:02 PM
Gentlemen, get your own thread if you want to debate these issues! This thread is for sample Timebridges only. I clearly stated that in the opening post. If you haven't got something to share, GTFO!

05-01-2006, 05:01 PM
Prize yourself more. The Time Bridge is so undervalued yet it's VERY effective. I use my variation on them to prize myself more: Timer Bridges, which is a time bridge with a constraint for her.
The timer bridge is best issued in comfort when you want to continue sarging & with prizing yourself she'll meet her later. If you want it you get it here. It's like the sales thing, for a limited time only.
Restrict her to a space & time: I might say; "Hey it's been great to meet you... you're cool like a penguin in a fridge..." *bodyrocking out* Turn back halfway & say..."Actually, I'd like to continue this later, just right now I have to get back, I've kind of abandoned my friends, so..."
either number close or if I want to Timer-bridge: "I'll be at Kadas for my coffee & cake, between 2:30am & 3 so, you be there or be pentagonal... " then hug, kiss her, whatever & say, "If you catch me early enough I might even share my cake with you."
It's very effective & rarely fails me. I wish you well with it.
I posted similar stuff in general techniques somewhere.

05-01-2006, 07:15 PM
I always timebridge (when I fail to have her hum my ballbag that night)....
Face: You working on Saturday and Sunday?
HB: Nope
Face: Great. My buddy is DJing Sat night. He's pretty good. I'm gonna go and show him some support. You should come.
HB: Where is it?
Face: I'm not exaclty sure--but it will be in the city..
HB: Ok, maybe I will.
Face: I'll call you Sat afternoon, between 1 and 3 when I am free, and let you know the details.
HB: That works.
--it's only natural to now get her number---have her write it down.
Face: You seem kinda stylish. I need your help one afternoon this weekend. What works better for you--Saturday or Sunday?
HB: Saturday I guess--just running some errands.
Face: Good, I'll need you between 1 and 3. It will be fun, I assure you. And if you are busy and haven't eaten, maybe I'll even throw a quick sandwich down your throat.
HB: What is it? What are we doing?
Face: It's a surprise. You'll enjoy it. Saturday--1 pm--be there.
HB: Be where? Do I have to dress nice?
Face: Casual. I can either pick you up or you can meet me at the corner of Penis St and Vagina Ave.
HB: Ok.
Face: Gimme your # and I'll call you around 11:30 to confirm.
--in this case, I took her for a turkey BLT and clothes shopping--for ME----
(some bartenders/strippers/hotel workers cannot "date" customers--a biz rule or personal rule)...this was her personal rule
Face: Great hanging with you. Give me your number and we'll go out one night you are not working.
Bartender: I don't give out my number
Face: Save it. How do you communicate-- with smokescreens?
BT: NO, I mean. Guys ask me for it all the time so I don't give it out. It's a rule of mine.
Face: [boredeline enraged but able to stay cool] Well, my rule is that when I meet someone and have that rare, great chemistry, I see her again. You had a great time with me tonight, right?
BT: Yes, totally.
Face: Great, respect my rule and I will honor yours. I will be at the Teabag Cafe on Saturday around 2pm. If you mean what you say, I'll see you there.
BT: [giggle] Well, ok, I guess.
Face: I'll be there eating a turkey BLT with or without you, but I'd truly love to see you there.
---no #; she showed, and was on time, and dressed to kill--------
Sidenote: When you want to ask whe to see her, if you are unsure of her schedule, don't ask :How's Saturday? Ask "What works better for you, Saturday or Sunday? It's a subtle yet powerful salesman technique which removes NO and forces the answer to be a YES.

05-01-2006, 07:44 PM
So I agree with Jester on reading the situation... I like to use the "can't leave my friends hanging" as the best excuse for cutting things off. If you've got a wing, have him call you on your cell if you want to pre-plan it. I almost always try to do it when she's escalating her interest and not when it's run its course. During the day (depending on the day) I will use work as it's easy and can add DHV easily. "Hey, I got to run because I've got blah, blah, blah (without being pompous)".
I've also found timebridges are great if you actually want to build a relationship. I'm talking about using during dating and scheduling dates. Think of it as a bit longer view of a pickup. Don't rush in and completely geek on the girl after you get her number. Neg when appropriate. DHV... Get her to qualify... and occasionally push her off because you have plans (typically tied to the DHV). I almost always get 2nd, 3rd, etc. dates with HB's by taking the basic idea and rolling it out a little longer. And once you're in, you're in...
- Swing

05-02-2006, 07:14 PM
Guys --with all due respect--this thread is NOt about what you think about timebridges. GIVE EXAMPLES.
Leave the theory to other threads. this has potential to help a lot of people. They can memorize a few of these and close stronger than just a #close.
C'mon--more examples...my fingers almost bled form all the typing I did!!!

05-02-2006, 07:49 PM
Face - with all respect I think that you will find that people are giving examples, just explaining in the suitation.
As with most of the threads on this forum nowdays you need to shift through and filter the good information. By people explaining what situation they are using it in gives everyone a better understanding.
The basic concept is simply, when you time bridge you have something preplanned to do and a reason to meet up. I honestly dont see a point in giving more and more examples as its irrelevant what the thing that you do is. It can be anything from a swim in the lake, to rock climbing to shopping to watching the monkeys pick each others nits at the zoo. Just make it something that they wouldnt normally do and other guys wouldnt normally ask them to, and costs as little as possible.
PS appreciate your bleeding fingers......

08-23-2006, 01:23 PM
just wanna bump the thread.
I have a special circumstance. I'm in high school which means it's hard for the both of us to arrange a location and time together, so I just get their phone #s. These are women who go to different schools than me.
How do i time bridge this if I were to interact in a phone conversation with them?
Also, If they're too busy to meet up in person, should I get their AIM screenname and just continue flirting with them online? Or is that too much of a risk in LJBF zone, leaving me with storing the # in my phone book until I am able to drive myself?
Was thinking of putting this in the under 21 section but I thought i'd bump up this useful thread instead :cool: