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04-2006-11, 01:07 PM
Its a word that is thrown around here and there and some people get it and other people don't. I am here to tell you that it is the most important part of any PUA's or normal mans game. I dont care who you are. After 7 months of study and a lot of conversations with women (I work with mostly woman and get out a lot) I can attribute to this fact. In fact I have read nearly 30 ebooks...watched the cliff list....heard countless DVD interviews and had the oppurtunity to check out just about every audio edition Xuma or David have come out with. It all comes down to understanding and calibration.
How to use the tool and when to use it.
What is calibration? Using a tool...noticing a responce and then adjusting based on the responce and moving in a different direction if that responce is not what you were looking for. Guys....if you stay in the game long enough and read enough shit you will go insane. I did. Everyone has their own take...different things that work...be a bad boy...dont be a bad boy...give out your number...dont give out your number....be romantic...dont be romantic....the list goes on and on. Are you confused? Then listen to me my friends. There is only three rules that cant be broken (1) Dont be weak or wussy or needy (2) Dont show attraction back until she does and if you say something add some doubt to it by doing somewhat the opposite like a compliment and then a slight neg or a release.(3) Never let them see you sweat and be confident. For every other rule there is someone else that will come along and discredit it.
So whats my point in all this? Grey area guys. CALIBRATE. Make fun of a girl and tease her and she seems to not dig you? Try a DHV...talk about your passion for waterskiing and the feelings behind it. Mix it up. Are you trying to get her to jump hoops or qualify herself and she is being turned off...thinks your an arrogant fuck? Tone it down a little. She's treating you like a character from saturday night live? Try some fluff. CALIBRATE to the women. All women are different and the only things they universally go for are confidence and a unique unpredictability but the unique unpredictability is a fine line and is different to different women based on their experience. The universal thing women cant stand is needy or wussy behavior...never show attraction to them till they are attracted to you...be hard to get but vary that hardness based on the girl and her self esteem....again CALIBRATE.
In the end the game is nothing more than a collection of guys that are good with women...there is no universal technique...no magic pill...what works for each one of them is theres...its who they have become based on their personality and even the best PUA is going to either be loved or hated by the girls. Thats why its so important to calibrate and develope your own game that stays true to you so you can get the type of girls you want and the ones you dont...dont want you.

Top Gun
04-2006-11, 01:30 PM
I am agree with you and I want to put you a rep point but...... MM is how become a great men not being a great social robot. Live your dream about job and of course girl!!!