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04-2006-11, 12:31 PM
Hey this is in responce to a thread I lost link to. This is for my friend and I hope he finds his way.
Dude! You have all the tools, but some of them are being used as doorstops. I’m thinking about what you have going on. This girl is calling you to hang out. This is good. This is the name of the game. She is chasing you.
As a little high light, when some knucklehead decides to join your party out of the blue, welcome him. Let him sit in for a while then exclude him from conversation and stay congruent as a cool guy who’s good with chick. He just doesn’t fit in at this time. Venue hop if needed. There is no shame in that. Actually, a venue hop or two would have been a good move in this situation.
In these instances, a day two or day three, in an established amount of comfort is present. You’re really not securely set in comfort. It’s important you start at the beginning as we talked about before. Touch on A1, hook, and move to A2. Start your kino escalation process correctly from the start. Give her a hug and a cheek peck if appropriate.
There is no need to spend loads of time in any one phase, but you always need to do your work in A2, rather make sure she does hers, and in A3. It seems to me A3 is a bit of a mystery for you. Believe me it was for all of us at one point.
I’ll offer some insight per what I’ve learned threw study of Mystery Method and threw many, many, attempts at advancement. Let’s talk A2 and A3 for a while.
On a day two something I like to do is have a tentative schedule. It’s a nice way to use a false time constraint and option for a venue change or any various needs. False time constraint is a very useful tool if used creatively.
Understand that Bitch shield can rise at any point in game. Even in the middle of A2 a chick might toss up the shield as a shit test or in effort to protect as she makes realization of her position in game. This is in effort to knock you off or test your congruence. This is why our inner game is so important. Why we need to be truthful to ourselves and in our game.
Negs are of vast importance even on a day two or three. It’s flirting. It’s a trigger switch for attraction. Negs are often used in effort to force IOI. This should not have been an issue for you, but I believe this is the part of game you skipped on in this situation. You missed the attraction switches of A2.
The attraction switches are how Pick Up works. M3 is a method of flipping the necessary attraction switches to make room for sexual escalation. This is why I feel it so necessary to start at the very beginning with early interaction such as day one and day two.
In this situation you might have benefited from having the clown ass buddy sit in for a spell as you ignored the target. The two of you may have been able to talk about some DHV. This is actually much like working in a Mixed 2 Set. At this point you may escalate kino and use it as a deterrent. This will speak volumes about your intent to both her and him. You may have AMOG’d him a bit and DVH then venue skipped.
Once you had your IoI and maybe played the SOI game you could have moved to A3. Again this is a time of congruence. She isn’t looking for a weak man with soft morals. She is looking to you to be strong. She will likely be testing you at this time. IE: Playfully sprinkling beer at you and playing shitty little chick games, kiss and tell crap.
This is prime time for you to make clear you aren’t out to fuck anything. Else you wouldn’t be a virgin at your age. This is where you lay the groundwork for quality! You are a man of selection and specific tastes!
Your freeze out was the right idea and used in the right phase. Your timing was all fucked though. Skipping A2 as you had really messes up the process. Everything that happens from there forward is a flock shoot. Honestly spending time on this A3 blunder in this situation isn’t going to do much for us.
I’ll just touch on A3 briefly. Mystery explains A3 as Male to Female interest. I think of it more as a time to really test your game. This is when the game goes to your court. This is where you test her and push/pull her in to your frame. She is given permission to enter your world only if she is compliant to the rules and is willing to play the game as you set.
A3 is the time where you dangle the metaphorical carrot in front of the mule. This is when you express male to female interest, but not with out stipulation. Guys talk about the Bait, hook, Reel, Release methods all the time. This is the time. Again I will often play the SOI game here.
In my opinion A3 is some of the most fun side from S3. This is where you can be extra playful and sexual. This is where the comfort seed is planted. Suddenly her state will change and you will slide right into C1. This happens with trust. This is an excellent time to move the party.
I hope this helps. We can chat about it again later if you like.

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Hell yeah, Bunny's got it goin on!

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Extremley well written!

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Thanks Mav and I guess we'll be seeing ya Goldenboy.