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12-13-2008, 12:03 PM
I started to type up a long rambling post but... I decided it would make you as confused as I am.

Heres the situation:

My g/f of about a month and I are getting pretty serious. No sex yet, but we have sunk in the emotional hooks and we wake up eager to kiss and touch each other.

We were on a trip and we found out that our friend (4 years younger than me..freshman girl) had thought she was pregnant for the last 3 weeks. We didnt even know she was having sex, just that she was going steady with a guy for 3 years and clued per parents in on it like 2 months ago. She got her period(3 weeks late) at <Censored tech college> that we were visiting with our robotics club. We didnt talk about it till the end due to location, but my g/f and I broke off from her for our workshop and g/f was totally blown away. She couldnt picture her friend as pregant so young. Thank god she got her period.

The friend called her boyfriend about it and he was spouting off about forgetting which day they had had sex on and stuff. She was practically trembling..sersly speechless. My g/f picked up the phone and went off on him. Afterwards we comforted her for like 10min and told her we would call her when everyone got home and she had talked to him.

After she left the car, I told my g/f "You know I would never be like that to you right?" She was venting on me about our friends b/f and what she wanted to "do to him" and I played it pretty understanding. "You know, i can see where he would be speechless, but saying he had forgotten taking her virginity...wow." We had another short spout about what was wrong with the guy. Afterwards we made out for about 8 minutes in the parking lot, right there. Probably the longest we have gone at once.

Reflecting back, i think my g/f was shocked that someone younger than her was having sex. And, though I cant really convey the exact conversations, moods, and word inflections, and i left out some convos because I gotta go soon, it came off in the end to me that she feels like we need to step it up. She understands, that I wouldnt do the same thing to her. I have told her before that I think about her... all the time... and it makes me smile. She's hyjacked my mind.

In the end, for the purpose of this advice, assume i'm right and she wants to step it up. What steps can I take to escalate past kissing to oral and sex?

---got em
---probably my house
-Secure the feeling that she has her emotional hooks in me and that i wouldnt leave her
---conveyed but can never convey it enough.. I always remind her.

What is the best way to talk with her about oral or sex? Or do i just bring her to my room and escalate the mood to oral and then sex? I REALLY want a sexual relationship...but I feel like the steps from A(my old relationships) to B(My desired relationship) are unclear. We are cut in the middle gronud and I do not know te proper steps to evolve our relationship.

When I say we keno.. I do NOT exxagerate. She has been in and out of the modeling business, and we are a tangled mess of hand holding, hugs, touching, leg stroking, kissing, leaning. Shes a MUCH better kisser than my ex, and shes like a drug to me.

I want to know what to do.. to move on.

12-13-2008, 01:14 PM
Also, how long do I wait?

12-13-2008, 03:11 PM
the girl is 14? and shes been with some dude since she was 11??? what??

12-13-2008, 03:18 PM
you have to lead the way as the man. Just keep escalating the situation. Start kissing her, caress every part of her body. Get on top of her and start dry humping her, this should get her extremely horny. Whisper something sexy in her ear like: "i want you so bad right now". No need to rush through any of this, just take your time. Remember that she wants sex just as much as you do, you just have to lead the way for her. Try to get her pants and top off then start rubbing between her legs. whisper in her ear that you want to fuck her so bad.

if you cant figure it out from there your on your own brother.

12-13-2008, 05:45 PM

And no, that is another girl we mutually know that I was talking about. I mentioned it because I think it influeneced my g/f.