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12-12-2008, 07:18 PM
Just got back from a night on the town
my peacocking style stood out so much
had so many girls approach me
even a lesbian, who asked fior a dance and a kiss
one problem, didnt Nclose, Fclose or Kclose, got to the point where i/them were leaving and i didnt close

12-14-2008, 02:37 PM
from that description it sounds like u did fine and just didnt pull the trigger?
netime that ur getting approached rather than being the approacher is always fun.
Nclose on the lesbian would have been rly great. cuz obv ur not a threat and u just want her number to invite her to your big party this weekend, right? shes gotta have some fun friends i bet.

to Nclose college girls just tell them that they should come to this big party or pregame next weekend (dont specify a day cuz its easier for the girl to say "i have plans on saturday" rather than "i have plans all weekend") and take down their info. simple and to the point. y pass up a party? later in the week get your txt game rdy and let em know that the party got cancelled for some interesting reason and that every1 is just going to some bar/club instead. now im gonna go off onto a rant about txing, woops.

i know the basics of txt game and i feel thats a strong point of mine but i havent read any real MPUA writings on it. in my opinion, texting is DEFINITELY the way to go as opposed to calling especially in college. its much more loose and easier to respond to and has much more potential as the convo can last over the course of a night (ur constatly on their mind and you know it). calls can get uncomfortable and awkward if done incorrectly. hesitation and stuff is obvious on a live call, in a txt u can plan out the perfect phrase.
so, for my new twist, ive been toying with fake-mess-txing. send a txt to the target (important: and her friend if u have her number too, in order to make this appear legit). the txt should look like this:

"hey everyone. partys off for tonite, there was an issue with the oven and a shoe... just dont ask.... anyway, were all goin out to such and such a place instead. ill cya guys there."

This way u dont seem like ur totally concerned about her coming but ur still including her in YOUR plans. your not dependant on what shes doing. then it also sounds like fun cuz "everyone" is going. as for the excuse for cancelling the party, dont make it too redic (my example might be) or too lame. make it plausible so they wonder wut happened and have a good story (but not completely bs lie) to go with when she asks you about it. OR make it so insanely ludacris that its obv a joke n ur just letting every1 know the party is not gonna happen.

Back to closing. im not an expert in it, im not rly good at it, maybe average? i havent been in enough situations to develop a good K or F close system. but in my mind, an attempt at a Kclose can work with something like this (sadly not field tested but im hoping to soon cuz i do like it): (if u can find something she says to segway into this its probly best, but if not it could work neway)
HER- I saw these shoes on sale and i just had to buy them
PUA- Oh so i ur one of those impulsive people. like the ones that always but a pack of gum or candy bar while waiting on line (finish while doing the C around her face, as seen in the PUA show season 1)
HER- No way! / Haha yea i cant resist
PUA- O well i am / Well im pretty impulsive too (Dont let her say nething, just kiss her.)

Note: I wouldnt hold the kiss for more than 3-5 seconds. I forget where i read it, i wish i remember, but if u break the kiss off at this point then shell see that u dont just want to get with her and will be left wanting more. Will probly also help to prevent some LMR because she wont want to lose u again.

Finally, fclosing. again, just my opinions, ud be far better off to read the instructors stuff. but knowing college girls, dont make it out to be a big deal. just go with what feels right. whatever ur feeling, she is too. I like the idea of using some reverse LMR. When uve gotten her back to ur place or ur at hers and u start fooling around, just have fun with it. But continue with the push pull tactic. So heres a typical scene i think: your at your place on the couch/bed considering dorm rooms, you show her around and she finds some interesting props uve placed around for such an occasion. you pop in a movie. Your making out, then u stop because its too hot in your room, so you take off your over shirt. BUT dont go back to making out, instead go with something like "this is my favorite part of the movie" or "this acting is so terrible its funny". just show that ur not the kind of guy who NEEDS this sex. then in a few minutes u start kissing again and take it a little further, some clothes start flying off but O WAIT you have serious OCD and hate wrinkles in your shirt so you need to hang it up or something like that. lay down with her again and make another comment or observation. nothing to evoke an emotional response from her because that will distract her, but maybe "so how comfortable in this pillow top mattress, im so happy i stepped up to the 2 inches of foam" (i actually do have an AMAZING mattress pad and i love it and recommend it to everyone haha, esp for those terrible college beds). Ok at this point id expect her to be dying from being teased and just wanna have u RIGHT NOW. shell never get the opportunity to give LMR if shes trying to get past your teasing.

I hope to field test these tactics soon, unfortunately with winter break coming up ill be home and not a lot of clubs and bars around there. Ill let you know how it goes if something comes up and if you try it or find something good lemme knwo.

12-14-2008, 02:48 PM
cheers man
il definently try it
that one girl though, i assumed she was a lesbian
but what attracted her was my lack of interest in them
but dude
any feild reports you have let me know
and il let you know about mine

12-14-2008, 04:01 PM
yea true, i was gonna post this cuz its probly my best sarge night thus far. not that i closed anything (in fact the majority of my closes come from girls i meet through other female friends of mine when we have parties and i dont rly consider that sarging cuz they just fall into my lap. thats my favorite type of game. i guess developing larger social circles will prove to heed the same situations and results at clubs/bars, but now im getting off topic)

So, its saturday, and my wing (also my roommate) was out at work until 10ish and we didnt have a good plan for the night. So when he got back me n my other friends had starting drinking a little. Then after a couple more games it was all of a sudden 11:15. To my wings credit, he did twist my arm a little to get me to go out (i was questioning the value of going out late and paying cover). We threw back a few shots (yes i know that drinking can hinder cold reads of sets and such, but i tend to over think my approaches and then the window closes. and since the approach comes first i gotta get past that. not that i get a lot of AA, in fact, surprisingly little. i tend to just make excuses for not approaching. and again im off topic). So we get to the bar, and its a little emptier than anticipated but o well, cant change that. After saying hi to a few guys we knew, my wing tells me to open. If its not for him, i dont think id open 90% of the ones i do. Nice 2-set (hb8 and 7) at a table overlooking the bar and dancefloor, so i gulp and go blank on an opener. My wing gives me "Hey, when does the band go on?" (They are already playing lol. its just a convo starter and better than nothing). I walk up and around the wall to get to them, i see them, and BAM i just do it (very happy that i didnt bail out). "hey guys, wen does the band go on?", to which the hb8 looks at me and points to the stage "theyre on now." she wasnt amused and her friend pulled her around the table to whisper. i figured, hell im blown out, y not "nah theres no way, i heard the headlining band plays GOOD music" (they were playing a popular song). i got no response and just ejected with a smile to give the impression that it went well. My wing told me they were giggling after i left, so if nothing else i dont think it looked bad.
We got to the bar area and again, wingman sees a 2set (7 and 6)right over my shoulder, "open". I couldn't think of a better opener than the Gummi Bear Opinion. I dont know who to credit but i read it here on the forums. "Hey guys, you gotta settle this. Whats better, Gummi bears or Gummi Worms?" They both say Worms and are into it. One of their guy friends comes up behind the 6 and tries to get her away. I then gave an open ended comment to the 7, left her to my wing and they started talking about something. Turned back to the 6 and the guy and proceeded "hey man, we were just talking abuot this and u gotta help out. whats better gummi bears or worms?", "bears!", high five "me too, i love to bite the heads off". i think we even got the bartender into it. That guy friend leaves and its just us and the 2set. Were both locked in against the bar, making FTCs hard but if i disagreed with something they said i would turn and lean over the bar like i was trying to order a drink, which i think served the same purpose as they would pull me back in. maybe 7-10min in the set, they whispered and said they had to go to the bathroom (of course). i guess we shoulda asked them to dance or moved into comfort and isolated, but we werent expecting this set to bite, it was just for practice so we casually let them go. we opened other sets with random situational stuff, one of them by accusing the girl of stealing our friends drink (he lost it lol), another gummi bear, and 2 more about the band. They all seemed fine with us and enjoyed it. For us it was a great night cuz weve never hit that many sets, and to our surprise that well. now we just gotta push forward, i think some more dhv, and a little kino should do the trick.

critique at will please haha

12-15-2008, 05:03 AM
Dude, the only place you went wrong there was the 7-10 mins and you hadnt DHV
Remember 3-5 mins to be locked in
i tend to use DHV straight after the opener and and a neg
cause it draws them in
other than that dude
sounds like you did good
well done