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12-11-2008, 05:37 PM
Hey guys. Just recently used this opener. I modified it a little for different scenarios, but it worked like a charm on this girl on the bus. Sexy as hell, had one of those california babe tans (fake, but sexy), big eyes, and a nice pair of juicy DSL. Got her email. Turns out shes 24. Im wayy younger.

My original Opener:

(Loud enough to be heard)(talking to your friend or something):
I’m going to try a social experiment.

Me: Hi there, whats your name?
Her: Haley, is this your social experiment?
Me: Haley? Yes it is Haley. (shake hands) Its nice to meet you. How are you doing?
Her: Good. Well are you gonna tell me your name?
Me: (she almost cut me off before this) Good. (I cut her off) Yeah, okay. We'll get there, don't worry. So my dad... blah blah.. Apollo... blah blah
Me: Guess what the house cat's name was?
Her: Apollo?
Me: No, goodness sakes! Zeus. Apollo's gona snatch himself? (she laughed)
There was a sexual innuendo there, dont know if you caught it.
Her: I did
Me: Oh so you're dirty minded?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Thats good. (Look off to side)
Her: Why?
Me: (cant remember what I said. Something about not many girls being able to compete with me. idk. I made it funny, she laughed. I told her that her nose wiggled. She blushed. Awsome. She prob wanted me to suck her tits)


Me: ...(finished story)...settled on the name Bert, after Bert Lancaster.

(people came on the bus. Girl with 5-alive drink said excuse me, and sat on the chair I was gona sit in, so I say, woah okay girl. You got some 5 alive there, thats my fav. drink. Made Haley laugh. She was prob thinking about my throbbing cock. Anyway, I body rocked toward the back, she followed, so I took it as an IOI) (She had a drink and some bags with her)

Her: Here, hold this
Me: Hold this? Is this what you do with men?
Her: Yeah.
Me: (held it, gave it back, grabbed my bag) Hold this. (she laughed) Careful dont fall. If you're gona fall, fall on me. Actually dont, Ive had girls fall on me before. Grab onto that pole for me.
Her: Yeah? How was it?
Me: Yeah.. not pretty.. fall on me.. fall for me. (she laughed) I know its hard, try your best. Thank you (took my bag back).

Me: Yeah. Oh shoot I gotta get off in a couple stops.
Her: Oh. (kept staring at me, half smile on her face. MAJOR IOI, I know that look.. almost like the doggy bowl look Mystery describes)
Me: I wanted to share some knowledge on social interactions though.
Her: Yeah?
Me: Yeah. Here, tell you what, write your email down on this paper.


(Loud enough to be heard)(talking to your friend or something):
I’m going to try a social experiment.

Hi there, what’s your name?
Her: w/e
1 (Stare away until she asks for your name, then respond with “Good.”)

(IF SHE NEVER ASKS FOR YOUR NAME, tell them that there was this social experiment that was given to people around the world, and that 95% of the people who were asked for their names, responded by asking for the other person’s name. The other 5% of people suffered from chronic Epilepsy.)

(If she shows herself to be impatient and asks “well are you going to tell me your name?” say “Yeah, yeah, we’ll get there”)


1 We’ll get to my name shortly. When I was young, my parents were going to name me Apollo, after the Greek God of the sun. But the day they decided to name me so, the house cat snatched up the goldfish whose name just so happened to be Apollo. So, in the end, they just decided to stick with Bert, after the famous romanticist actor Bert Lancaster.

Her: Wow / Cool / w/e

(You can choose to pause for a second if you know she’s impatient or curious: let her ask “So what was your little social experiment?” If she does, simply say “We’ll get to that too…” then branch off to a new topic. NO PATTERNING. Otherwise, you’re going to be doing most of the talking. Get her to talk. Leave a lot of open ends with impatient/curious girls)

You: What’s the story behind your name?

--cut her off—

: Can it beat mine? I’ve been searching for a girl who might put up a fight.

(At any point if she asks for your social experiment, tell her you’ll get to it, and branch off into stories with DHV spikes, or something that will display personality or HV.)

(If she asks if you have found the girl who put up a fight, say
“Yeah there were a few who went tip to toe with me, but in the end, they couldn’t last that long.”

If she says I bet I can last longer, you can say “prove it” and if she starts telling a story, you’re in. Take it as an IOI.

As well, if you’re flirtatious, and you know she will be, ask her “Yeah? You think you can last long eh?” Her: Yeah… blah blah blah. You: “Yeah, we’ll see about that young lady… Ive eaten girls like you for breakfast”)
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I dont know where to go from this point, in a discussion. I sometimes have problems transitioning from early suggestive flirting to comfort. I guess thats A3 game? Not sure. Either way, post some suggestions on here. ;)