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04-10-2006, 02:50 PM
Ok guys when youre in a target rich enviroment which hopefully everyone only goes to they can be jammed pack with people. Unfortunatley this can be a physiological and or emotional stressor. Since I am in medicine i wanted to share some things that can really help you out, because certain things will just kill a set.
Talking to a girl with badbreath will kill it, and so will huge PIT stains. Go to the bathroom and look how goofy it is to have huge circles of sweat build up , honestly how big of a turnoff is that for a girl. I use alot of arm on shoulder kino which would be impossible with sweaty pits. Also if your anything like me you want your clothes to last becasue they are an investment, the sweat just tears them apart.
The physiological aspect of sweat comes to play when your body is hot. Your blood will go to your capillaries closest to the skin and let out evaporation which condenses into sweat... Emotional triggers cause this also, being nervous is a hige trigger, you activate certain aspects of yoru peripheral nervous system which leads to increas sweat gland activity.
Before you purchase some of these products a few thing you can try ... clip your pit hair as no one wants to be with a guy that looks like he has buckwheat in a headlock , the less hair there is the less moisture is available to accumulate there. This is compatable for all parts of the body.
Deep berathing will also help because it will slow down certain aspects of your metabolism while increasing others anyways end result less sweat.
Now after all of these and a few realizations that old spice and mitchum suck there are a few products to buy.
Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy--> this actually interupts sympathetic nerves in the chest cavity this is a surgical procedure usually no scars occur and yoru out the same day THIS IS THE MOST EXCTREME OPTION. You pretty much deaden your nerves so they cant respond. Upside here is if you sweat everywhere like palms face and all you can hit a bunch of differetn nuerons. you can even stop facial blushing this way/
Hardcore Antipersperints: A great extreme deoderant is called Maxim. google it and read about it is pretty cool stuff and much cheaper i think right now its about 14 bucks a stick... good thing is you dont need it everyday... if you use everyday your body could build up a tolerance.
Drysol is another product its about 20% aluminum chloride in anhydrouss ETOH ( ethyl alcohol). this is also great for palms, you put it on in your sleep... big drawback is that it can cause alot of irritaion if you have smooth skin... I use johnson and johnson babywash for my smooth skin so this would not be the product for me.
Xerta is another great , studies show not as affective Drysol put still good. i am pretty sure Maxim and Odaban (two hardcore Anti-P's) fall in this category.
Ionopherisis:for mild to moderate hyperhidoris... this is an electrical charge that disrupts sweat gland production.. this does take time aprox 25 mins a day and need to prolong as go on... plus get dry cracky skin... worst one to choose if you ask me.
Meds: your looking at anticholinergic meds a standard is robinul... drawback you can get dry everywhere i.e. for those that can compare bad cotton mouth like when your smoking buds. Another is proanolol... this will mess up you metabolic rate and could make you sleepy i would not recomemend.
Last and not least BOTOX: injections of BTX-A. this is a subdermal injection about 15 little injection under the arm and you wont sweat. This does need to be repeated about every 6 months. Botox though if gets into blood stream can cause TEMPORARY paralysis of hands and certain muscles.
Hope this helped out.. espeically for all you Aussies that live in the heat and for all those guys whose bodies dont change as fast as the weather.
No one wants to Sweat so dont.

04-10-2006, 02:59 PM
I've found that Certain Dri also works really, really well. Like Drysol, you put it on at night. Certain Dri, however, is an OTC product so you don't have to go to the doctor to get it. Also, it's only $5 - which makes it way cheaper than Maxim.
That's my two cents.