View Full Version : Flaking girls, how much to pursue?

04-10-2006, 05:23 AM
OK, I'm new in the game so I without doubt get flaky girls..
But this is my situation, I have no problem getting girls E-mails or phone numbers.. its actually very easy, but the hard part is meeting them again.
I"m just starting to perfect my game and timebridging techniques.. but until they are perfected I just go for the E-mail without any decent time bridge.
So what it seems is that I will E-mail the girls and they do respond I'll post the
responses of 2 girls below.

Yes I have heard about that show and I think it would actually be quite
interesting. But I´m going to go to Görlitz with Wilma on Saturday, so on
Sunday I have to prepare my presentation which I have on Monday.Okay..maybe
that doesn´t take the whole day but if I´d come I know that I wouldn´t do
the presentation.. I should have done it already but..It´s so boring to
write about Finnish economy..;)
So I have to say no..but nice that you asked..maybe we will do something
else later? I hope you´ll find somebody with you.

Sorry, I didn´t contact you before, but I was really busy. We talked about going out on Monday evening, but the thing is I am beginning my intensive course on Berlitz tomorrow and after I´ll be working till evening. So, can´t make it. But for the weekends I´m off everything and have time to party. :)
So, see you on Tuesday
You may at first think like this is good they want to meet.. but I don't think so.. The girls who are interested don't make excuses and find time!! I also didn't do any kino esclation with these 2 particular girls.
I think if I pursue these 2 girls they will just flake again. SO what I've been doing lately is kind of once the girl flakes like above I don't bother to contact them again. It is easy for me to just go out again and find new prospects. Plus I have other girls that I never even contacted yet.
SO what is your take on the E-mail responses? Do they seem flaky?
Do any of you get flaky girls like this? DO you think I'm jumping to conclusion to quickly?